Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Gala nocturna - Boyfriend's jacket

You might have seen the jacket my boyfriend wore in this picture?
 photo Praumlsentation1_zps355f3569.jpg

I made it! I'm not exactly used to sewing men's clothes, but when your boyfriend agrees to accompany you to a ball only if you sew something for him, what choice do you have? The things you do for love... *sigh* We soon decided to use a pattern I had already in my stash (McCall's 4745) and went fabric shopping. He chose the fabrics (outer and lining) as well as the buttons himself and I think he has excellent taste!

Unfortunately when I found out that I must have cut out the pattern before and misplaced it when the fabric was pre-washed and I wanted to start cutting. What a bummer! And of course it was already to late to buy another pattern from the Internet... Anyway, the jacket I sewed for him for last year's WGT (which I still haven't presented here because of a lack of decent pictures)  fits him great and I thought with all the necessary changes in the pattern already made and some modifications it would work. So (I think I'll never learn), I decided to wing it!

It actually went pretty well. After the wash, the fabric lost a bit of it's body so I interlined it with polyester tulle. This makes it wash-able (unlike iron on interfacing) and breathy. I also used shoulder pads to give the jacket more structure. Unfortunately I made a mistake while sewing in the shoulder pads so a small part of them is not covered by lining. I still have to correct that... *blush*

 photo Folie1_zpsdedb20a4.jpg

 photo IMG_0289_zps35bce7e8.jpg

The only part that needed major changes was the front and the neckline which was turned into a standing collar pretty easily. The front was draped directly on my boyfriend who endured a lot of needle pricking! I recently learned a trick to make the second line of buttons on a double-row jacket sit flush to the fabric: I made small buttonholes and sewed the buttons through these buttonholes to a ribbon. That way they sit flat against the fabric and don't move so much!

 photo Folie2_zps37850b37.jpg

 photo IMG_5971_zps8b1b4340.jpg

He wore it with pride after sewing on most of the buttons himself. I do love him, but when faced with hand sewing I tend too skip out whenever possible... ;)


Lynoire said...

Oh, did I miss your previous post?! Both of you looks/looked amazing, your boyfriend's jacket is striking - let alone your dress, but you might already know how much I adore military style pieces. It's a shame for the stars tho'...:P

MindLess said...

@ Lynoire: Thanks for the compliments, I'll pass them on to him! He doesn't want to appear with full face on my blog and I respect his wishes. But if you request something besides stars, I can certainly help you! ^^

Bane said...

You did a great job! It looks fantastic and the fit is impeccable.

Smart idea about the buttons. I'll have to remember that! :)

MindLess said...

@ Bane: Thanks! I was so happy to learn this new trick because it makes the jacket look so much more professional... ^^

Avadawhra said...

Ohh was ein tolles Kleid du da anhast , wow ich hab auch einer Dame für die gala einen reifrock gekürzt

Nachtkatze said...

Er war ein wunderbares Accessoire *eg*
Nein, ernsthaft, er sah wirklich gut aus in der Jacke. Hast duz super hinbekommen.

MindLess said...

@ Avadawhra: Danke! Weißt du für wen? Hast du vielleicht bei den Ballfotografien gesehen, wie es endgültig aussah? Ich bin echt neugierig...

@ Nachtkatze: Ich habe das Kompliment gleich weitergegeben... Die Jacke sieht nur an einem schönen Mann so gut aus! ^^