Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Gala nocturna 2014 - Corset

Here you can see the final product of the "How to sew a corset" tutorial:

 photo IMG_5972_zps48928d78.jpg

 photo IMG_5973_zpsed8da135.jpg

Quite obviously, I added some features to the basic corset:
  •  some lace around the upper hem
  • a rectangle of fabric between panel 3 and 4
Why this added fabric? Because I wanted to drape it over the front!

 photo IMG_5974_zps2615dd32.jpg

I really like the colour and the drape effect. The overall corset is nice, but to large. It can be laced shut without much effort... Now I'm not sure whether to keep it or to sell it because I won't wear it very often!

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