Friday, March 28, 2014

Gala nocturna 2014 - Boyfriend's pants

One last item needs to be presented for Gala nocturna 2014: The pants my boyfriend wore! Let's make this post short:
  • I used the pants of the pattern McCall's 4745 which mysteriously were still in the package unlike the jacket pattern
  • The pants started out with size XL, but I took out about 10cm from the side. The length was enough for my boyfriend of 1,86m!
  • I added pockets since pants without pockets are a major annoyance. I made them out of the lining I used for the jacket as well.
 photo IMG_5956_zpsa6b5ebda.jpg

 photo IMG_5959_zps1d6b9d8b.jpg

 photo IMG_5960_zps55d77693.jpg


Undergroundfortea Gothic said...

Great looking fit!

MindLess said...

@ Undergroundfortea Gothic: Thank you! Lovely new profile pic!