Monday, March 31, 2014

Fabric balance sheet 1-3/2014

You now how the best intentions sometimes get run over by life and loss of motivation? I really had this post planned out for January. It was almost done, but somehow life got in the way and I forgot about it. I planned to post it in February, but forgot again. Now it the end of March and here we go with the first fabric stash post in 2014...

Lets talk true facts about my fabric stash. I told you I took some time in December 2013 to measure and photograph all my fabrics so I now exactly why I can't move in my sleeping /sewing room. And the bitter truth is that I owned 110m. Please refrain from asking how much I spent on fabric, I actually don't want to know... ;)

But in  2014, I already made quite a dent into my stash.  Since I measured my fabrics in the end of 2013, I will simply count every piece I sewed up after measuring, even if that includes pieces from 12/2013. I hope you understand that this makes things much easier for me! I will include a progress bar into this monthly posts and into the side of my blog again.Here we go:

Incoming (has stayed the same since January as I started my no shopping challenge in February and have stayed of fabric since then! ^^ ):
  • 4m dark red stretch satin
  • 6m blue taffeta
  • 1m blue fabric with seagulls
  • 3.5m pinstripe jersey
  • 0.25m fake fur in red
total damage: 14.75 m fabric

Outgoing (only counting finished projects):
  • 2m jerseys in underpants
  • 0.5m fake fur in scary hairy bat
  • 1m blue cotton satin in bustle pillow
  • 1.5m black and white striped jersey in un-wearable musselin
  • 1m lace jersey in fake wrap shirt
  • 3.5m pinstripe jersey in fake wrap shirt and dress
  • 5m blue taffeta in ruffle layer underskirt
  • 2.5m grey cotton satin in ruffle layer underskirt
  • 1m blue taffeta in carmen top 
  • 1m green cotton in carmen top 
  • 1.5m of fleece for the fleece dress
  • 1.5m jersey for the Deer and Doe shirts
  • 1.5m of red and white striped fabric for the clown skirt
  • 3m of fabrics for the corset for Gala nocturna 2014
  • 2m of tulle for the interlining in my boyfriends jacket  for the Gala nocturna 2014 - I'm not counting the other fabrics since my boyfriend bought them for himself ;)
  • 1m of net fabric for the shirt I'll show tomorrow
to the rescue: 29,5 m fabric

initial stash: 110m + 14.75m - 29.5 m = 95,25m (-14.75m) fabric in my stash this month

Now let's keep up the good work and reduce the stash some more! Will be easy with WGT lurking in my calender... ^^


linnea-maria said...

Wow. You have been really busy sewing! I only use my machines for mending clothes.

MindLess said...

@ linnea-maria: Then you are more busy than me: I never mend... ;)