Monday, March 10, 2014

Antwerp 2014

Sorry for the radio silence on this blog, but in addition to the lack of creative motivation I also had a huge time problem (which in fact resulted from the aforementioned lack of motivation). On Saturday, my boyfriend and I visited the Gala Nocturna which was an amazing ball in Antwerp. The only problem was that we both wanted/needed new clothes for the occasion and guess who sews them? ;) I can tell you now that we made it on time, but the last buttons on my boyfriend's clothes were sewn on on Saturday (with some hours to spare, not a close call)!

Since I was also late at the time of the ball - looking your best takes some time - I actually didn't take any pictures before the ball and hope for pretty pictures by people with better cameras than my cell phone's. Today's post will be about the rest of Antwerp, because we arrived on Friday night and stayed until Sunday afternoon. The weather was really perfect and I lost my heart a bit to this beautiful city!

 Our hotel was right in the city centre very close to the main station which is really pretty on itself and definitively worth a visit!

When we walked to the historic city centre, we visited the old ballroom of the city and were impressed with the size and oppulence:

 photo IMG_0156_zpsc70a4726.jpg

We saw a lot of historic houses for example Ruben's house and ended up at the cathedral:

 photo IMG_0161_zpse58082d1.jpg

Close to the cathedral is the town hall which was really crowded since there was a histroic contest for the fattest cow in front of it. With judges and fans on a tribune, none the less!

 photo IMG_0174_zpsd757088f.jpg

We also visited the zoo in Antwerp on Sunday after the ball. There were many cute animals and we met some people from the ball again!

 photo IMG_0210_zpsec5fe95a.jpg

 photo IMG_0220_zps43654db5.jpg

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