Monday, March 31, 2014

Fabric balance sheet 1-3/2014

You now how the best intentions sometimes get run over by life and loss of motivation? I really had this post planned out for January. It was almost done, but somehow life got in the way and I forgot about it. I planned to post it in February, but forgot again. Now it the end of March and here we go with the first fabric stash post in 2014...

Lets talk true facts about my fabric stash. I told you I took some time in December 2013 to measure and photograph all my fabrics so I now exactly why I can't move in my sleeping /sewing room. And the bitter truth is that I owned 110m. Please refrain from asking how much I spent on fabric, I actually don't want to know... ;)

But in  2014, I already made quite a dent into my stash.  Since I measured my fabrics in the end of 2013, I will simply count every piece I sewed up after measuring, even if that includes pieces from 12/2013. I hope you understand that this makes things much easier for me! I will include a progress bar into this monthly posts and into the side of my blog again.Here we go:

Incoming (has stayed the same since January as I started my no shopping challenge in February and have stayed of fabric since then! ^^ ):
  • 4m dark red stretch satin
  • 6m blue taffeta
  • 1m blue fabric with seagulls
  • 3.5m pinstripe jersey
  • 0.25m fake fur in red
total damage: 14.75 m fabric

Outgoing (only counting finished projects):
  • 2m jerseys in underpants
  • 0.5m fake fur in scary hairy bat
  • 1m blue cotton satin in bustle pillow
  • 1.5m black and white striped jersey in un-wearable musselin
  • 1m lace jersey in fake wrap shirt
  • 3.5m pinstripe jersey in fake wrap shirt and dress
  • 5m blue taffeta in ruffle layer underskirt
  • 2.5m grey cotton satin in ruffle layer underskirt
  • 1m blue taffeta in carmen top 
  • 1m green cotton in carmen top 
  • 1.5m of fleece for the fleece dress
  • 1.5m jersey for the Deer and Doe shirts
  • 1.5m of red and white striped fabric for the clown skirt
  • 3m of fabrics for the corset for Gala nocturna 2014
  • 2m of tulle for the interlining in my boyfriends jacket  for the Gala nocturna 2014 - I'm not counting the other fabrics since my boyfriend bought them for himself ;)
  • 1m of net fabric for the shirt I'll show tomorrow
to the rescue: 29,5 m fabric

initial stash: 110m + 14.75m - 29.5 m = 95,25m (-14.75m) fabric in my stash this month

Now let's keep up the good work and reduce the stash some more! Will be easy with WGT lurking in my calender... ^^

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday sweet - Meringed lemon pie

Yet another Birthday cake (or rather Birthday pie) I made!

 photo IMG_20140315_194442_zpsaf40d16c.jpg

 photo IMG_20140315_194450_zpscbf494dc.jpg

This time I made a shortcrust (the same I'm using for my cheesecake, because it always works and tastes nice) and baked it with some lentils. Actually, I'm usually to lazy for this step, but it keeps the crust from being soft and spongy! Then I made lemon curd and added it to the still warm shortcrust.

The recipe (sorry, it is German!) I used called for a meringe on top which made good use of the egg whites you don't need in the lemon curd. I beat the egg whites with sugar and my boyfriend burnt the surface with a Bunsen burner. It was tangy and sweet and a bit sour. Really lovely!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Gala nocturna 2014 - Boyfriend's pants

One last item needs to be presented for Gala nocturna 2014: The pants my boyfriend wore! Let's make this post short:
  • I used the pants of the pattern McCall's 4745 which mysteriously were still in the package unlike the jacket pattern
  • The pants started out with size XL, but I took out about 10cm from the side. The length was enough for my boyfriend of 1,86m!
  • I added pockets since pants without pockets are a major annoyance. I made them out of the lining I used for the jacket as well.
 photo IMG_5956_zpsa6b5ebda.jpg

 photo IMG_5959_zps1d6b9d8b.jpg

 photo IMG_5960_zps55d77693.jpg

Week in Review 13/2014

What did I see?
I saw the movie "Ender's Game" which is about yet another dystopian world where insectoid aliens invaded the earth and could only be forced back by one single hero. This plays some years after the first war and humans started recruiting children for their space warfare as they have better reaction times and reflexes. Good movie with kind of surprising end. Go watch it!

What did I listen to?
Sweeney Todd "The contest"

What did I ask myself?
How can I get back into gear?

What did I read?
I finished "Dodger" by Terry Pratchett and loved every word of it. Highly recommended! And now I read "Make the bread, buy the butter" by Jennifer Reese, who uses her unemployment to test out which things you should cook/buy yourself and which should better be left for professionals. A really nice read which has been on my list for quite some time!

What did I work on?
The same d*mned shirt because it is really f*cking up my serger! Sorry for the harsh words, but I had to re-thread 5 times. No fun!

I was happy about...
My lovely boyfriend who supports me so much all the time! <3 br="">

I was annoyed about...
My lack of motivation. Still working on that one...

I bought...
3 books and some (junk) food.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

WGT 2013 - Boyfriend's jacket - better late than never!

When I convinced my boyfriend that I needed pictures of the Gala nocturna jacket, I also asked him for pictures of the rest of the stuff I sewed for him. So I can proudly present you - with less than a year after the event ^^- my pretty boyfriend and the first jacket I sewed for him! By the way, thanks for my awesome boyfriend for modeling and taking most of the pictures himself. Due to public demand, I also varried the "face cover" that helps him staying anonymous on my blog. If you have additional request for pretty/sexy/simply amazing cover ups, just tell me! ;)

 photo Praumlsentation1_zpsecbfd4e3.jpg
 photo Folie4_zps6395e626.jpg

 photo IMG_0292_zps6e094bef.jpg

I used the pattern Simplicity 2333 for which we made this mock up. The only changes we made were to lengthen the sleeves and the coat tails. I also made the pockets functional because I don't think that useless pockets should be sewn at all. The fabric (upper and lining) and the buttons were again chosen by him as with the Gala jacket. I have to admit, this guy has style!

 photo IMG_5969_zps712fb65c.jpg

I did manage to take some in progress shoots of the organdy I used to strengthen the back and the shoulder pads I sewed in by hand:

 photo ST831687_zps4b847a85.jpg

 photo ST831690_zps81283ba5.jpg

I also made some detail shots with higher contrast so you can marvel at the buttons:

 photo IMG_5963_zps5c2f63ed.jpg

 photo IMG_5964_zps24e1a805.jpg

 photo IMG_5965_zpsf2f39c9d.jpg

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Gala nocturna 2014 - Corset

Here you can see the final product of the "How to sew a corset" tutorial:

 photo IMG_5972_zps48928d78.jpg

 photo IMG_5973_zpsed8da135.jpg

Quite obviously, I added some features to the basic corset:
  •  some lace around the upper hem
  • a rectangle of fabric between panel 3 and 4
Why this added fabric? Because I wanted to drape it over the front!

 photo IMG_5974_zps2615dd32.jpg

I really like the colour and the drape effect. The overall corset is nice, but to large. It can be laced shut without much effort... Now I'm not sure whether to keep it or to sell it because I won't wear it very often!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

ParaNoire coupon code

Just a short notice for everyone who wants to order sexy panties (or anything else) from my friend ParaNoire: She offers 20% on any order (Use the code "REINCARNATION20")! Maybe you could invest into some sexy new underwear?! ^^

Monday, March 24, 2014

WGT 2014 - Evil clown skirt

With Gala nocturna finally out of the way, it is time to start thinking about the next large event that requires a big wardrobe - WGT! Not only do I need to dress myself for this occasion, my boyfriend really got into me sewing stuff for him. So now there are even more things that need to be done!!! Fortunately, WGT is rather late this year which still leaves me some time...

The first outfit I'm sewing is an evil clown outfit because we want to dress up as a group again. Most of the pieces I will wear are already existant - a off the shoulder blouse, a white corset and black and white striped tights. But the skirt is new and looks like this:

 photo IMG_0110_zpsf7dbc6c2.jpg

I used shirring for the waist so it will fit comfortably under the corset. I also added a little ruffle to the hem because I thought it looks more circus-y this way:

 photo IMG_0111_zps30b45050.jpg

 photo IMG_0112_zps2031f774.jpg

But the skirt was looking decidedly to clean and preppy for an evil clown, so I added some dirt accent by painting thinned black and gold on the wet skirt...

 photo IMG_0140_zpsb90604ec.jpg

 photo IMG_0139_zpsba104cf8.jpg

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday sweet - Peach danishes

When I had two sewing dates and a Birthday party to attend on the last weekend, I made more cakes. The easier ones (but just as tasty!) were these mini danishes:

 photo IMG_20140316_123408_zps9a15449b.jpg

I used store bought puffy pastry and cut and folded it. Then I put a teaspoon of self made vanilla pudding in the middle and added a slice of canned peach. They were so easy and really tasty!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Week in Review 12/2014

What did I see?
Very cool art by Valerie Hegarty. She makes sculptures who look as if art is deteriorating and takes this to an amazing level:

What did I listen to?
A lot of scientists talking about their research.

What did I ask myself?
Is this confidence or craziness?

What did I read?
I started with Dodger by Terry Pratchett. A new take on the story of David Copperfield which is of course settled in the Victorian London. I love Pratchett and this book is no exception...

What did I work on?
A new corset and a shirt.

I was happy about...
Finally crushing on the couch tonight after a hard work and a conference.

I was annoyed about...
My lack of motivation. Yet again!

I bought...
Some hair pins.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Gala nocturna - Boyfriend's jacket

You might have seen the jacket my boyfriend wore in this picture?
 photo Praumlsentation1_zps355f3569.jpg

I made it! I'm not exactly used to sewing men's clothes, but when your boyfriend agrees to accompany you to a ball only if you sew something for him, what choice do you have? The things you do for love... *sigh* We soon decided to use a pattern I had already in my stash (McCall's 4745) and went fabric shopping. He chose the fabrics (outer and lining) as well as the buttons himself and I think he has excellent taste!

Unfortunately when I found out that I must have cut out the pattern before and misplaced it when the fabric was pre-washed and I wanted to start cutting. What a bummer! And of course it was already to late to buy another pattern from the Internet... Anyway, the jacket I sewed for him for last year's WGT (which I still haven't presented here because of a lack of decent pictures)  fits him great and I thought with all the necessary changes in the pattern already made and some modifications it would work. So (I think I'll never learn), I decided to wing it!

It actually went pretty well. After the wash, the fabric lost a bit of it's body so I interlined it with polyester tulle. This makes it wash-able (unlike iron on interfacing) and breathy. I also used shoulder pads to give the jacket more structure. Unfortunately I made a mistake while sewing in the shoulder pads so a small part of them is not covered by lining. I still have to correct that... *blush*

 photo Folie1_zpsdedb20a4.jpg

 photo IMG_0289_zps35bce7e8.jpg

The only part that needed major changes was the front and the neckline which was turned into a standing collar pretty easily. The front was draped directly on my boyfriend who endured a lot of needle pricking! I recently learned a trick to make the second line of buttons on a double-row jacket sit flush to the fabric: I made small buttonholes and sewed the buttons through these buttonholes to a ribbon. That way they sit flat against the fabric and don't move so much!

 photo Folie2_zps37850b37.jpg

 photo IMG_5971_zps8b1b4340.jpg

He wore it with pride after sewing on most of the buttons himself. I do love him, but when faced with hand sewing I tend too skip out whenever possible... ;)

Monday, March 17, 2014

Gala nocturna 2014

Here comes the post about the final Gala nocturna outfits my boyfriend and I wore at the ball. As I said before, we were finished with everything on Saturday morning which left plenty of time for a nice stroll through Antwerp.

The ball itself was on Saturday evening and we were of course a bit rushed when we were nearing the opening ceremony. We met with Nachtkatze and Neisella and company beforehand at Nachtkatze's Hotel for final styling (and a bit of cherry wine ^^) and made it to the ball almost on time. I didn't have the correct printout with me, but my name was sufficient to get us in - even though my boyfriend was afraid they wouldn't let us in! During the 15 min waiting line, we were entertained by ghostly dancers and the occasional fight between one of Belle's suitors and the castle guards. The location was great, the winter garden of Europe's oldest zoo! The official picture corner was actually in the garden:

 photo Praumlsentation1_zps355f3569.jpg

I wore the skirt with my crinoline and the drapings over it, as well as the corset I made in the WIP. I will give more details on that later, it was still drying this weekend...
All in all I was not too happy with my look, but better this than naked. I actually didn't like my first make up which was more beast-ly and redid it before we met with the others. My top kept on creeping up on my shoulders and the horns were pressing on my ears, but we had a lot of fun altogether so it didn't really matter how I looked. I even felt a little under dressed considering all the amazing outfits I saw at the Gala!

 photo 1902918_434901159989703_1790221481_n_zps3a997a01.jpg

There were some minor points which left me a bit annoyed:
  • The drinks took their time, we waited approximately 30-45 min each time. The service staff was very friendly, but simply overwhelmed by the demand
  • The red wine was horrible, the white wine was bland
  • They ran out of beer around 1am, which was way too early
  • The music was not that good. Do you remember the Eurotrash band Loona? Their song "Hijo della luna" was played for example and other stuff from the current charts...
But all the eye candy made up for that! Seriously, the location was great, the people really put some effort in their outfits and I had many friendly chats in the waiting lines or outside on the patio!

 photo 1472748_10151986159112957_1347721542_n_zps20d28720.jpg

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday sweet - Marble cake

This picture is actually a little older, I made this marble cake for my friend's birthday and kept the leftovers for myself. Since I couldn't eat that much cake by myself, I still have some in my freezer...

 photo IMG_5949_zps1cf97431.jpg

 photo IMG_5950_zps44d44bb0.jpg
Bone sprinkles!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Week in Review 11/2014

What did I see?
Again another artist this week. The fairies of Casey Robin remind me of children's book illustrations and look too cute:

What did I listen to?
Ed Sheeran - I see fire. Love it!

What did I ask myself?
Do I like where this is going?

What did I read?
Nothing. I had neither time nor motivation.

What did I work on?
Nothing. But I have 2 sewing dates planned for this weekend...

I was happy about...
Meeting so many wonderful people at Gala nocturna. And the many great friends I have!

I was annoyed about...
Working on weekends. Not my favourite pasttime...

I bought...
Cards for Birthday presents and fruits. Still sticking to my resolution!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Fabric market 1/2014

The weekend before last I visited the fabric market yet again. You might ask yourself "Wasn't she on a no shopping embargo?" Yes, she was and still is. It was pure torture! We went there because my wonderful boyfriend still needed buttons for his Gala nocturna outfit - talking about last minute...

Anyway, we bought his buttons:

 photo IMG_5952_zps8b8966b5.jpg
Sorry I forgot to take pictures before sewing them in!
And I replaced some stuff from my stash because I was down to 1 jeans button (you know, those no sew ones?) and 2 pearly white snap buttons. Plus I used up my last elastic thread for the Gala nocturna top. So this is my huge haul:

 photo IMG_5951_zpse4664290.jpg

Cheapest fabric market visit, ever!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Antwerp 2014

Sorry for the radio silence on this blog, but in addition to the lack of creative motivation I also had a huge time problem (which in fact resulted from the aforementioned lack of motivation). On Saturday, my boyfriend and I visited the Gala Nocturna which was an amazing ball in Antwerp. The only problem was that we both wanted/needed new clothes for the occasion and guess who sews them? ;) I can tell you now that we made it on time, but the last buttons on my boyfriend's clothes were sewn on on Saturday (with some hours to spare, not a close call)!

Since I was also late at the time of the ball - looking your best takes some time - I actually didn't take any pictures before the ball and hope for pretty pictures by people with better cameras than my cell phone's. Today's post will be about the rest of Antwerp, because we arrived on Friday night and stayed until Sunday afternoon. The weather was really perfect and I lost my heart a bit to this beautiful city!

 Our hotel was right in the city centre very close to the main station which is really pretty on itself and definitively worth a visit!

When we walked to the historic city centre, we visited the old ballroom of the city and were impressed with the size and oppulence:

 photo IMG_0156_zpsc70a4726.jpg

We saw a lot of historic houses for example Ruben's house and ended up at the cathedral:

 photo IMG_0161_zpse58082d1.jpg

Close to the cathedral is the town hall which was really crowded since there was a histroic contest for the fattest cow in front of it. With judges and fans on a tribune, none the less!

 photo IMG_0174_zpsd757088f.jpg

We also visited the zoo in Antwerp on Sunday after the ball. There were many cute animals and we met some people from the ball again!

 photo IMG_0210_zpsec5fe95a.jpg

 photo IMG_0220_zps43654db5.jpg

Friday, March 7, 2014

Week in review 10/2014

What did I see?
My boyfriend and I watched a movie in the cinema this week: "300 Rise of an Empire". It was okay, but far worse than the first movie 300. The animations were great, but the actors were not really convincing and the story was naught. I liked the clothes Artemisia wears, though!

I also stumbled upon a new artist which I really liked: Christian Schloe

What did I listen to?
Nothing. Not even much on the radio. My world is pretty quiet right now!

What did I ask myself?
Do I need to deprive myself to know who I am?

What did I read?
I finished "Under the never Sky"  the first part of the series and really liked it. Although it is kind of obvious that both main characters will fall in love with each others, the love story is not forced down your thraot but seems likely. The characters develop and actually change and all motvations for their actions are understandable. Add in a cool alternative earth scenario and you get me hooked! I'm now on to the second novel called "Through the never night", also by veronika Rossi.

What did I work on?
As last week, the jacket for my lovely boyfriend and some matching pants.I have major motivational problems when it comes to sewing right now. I don't even know why!

I was happy about...
Gala Nocturna, tomorrow!

I was annoyed about...
Not getting my lazy a*s to the sewing machine, I need to be more strict with myself...

I bought...
6 plastic storage containers, movie tickets and the full series "Dark Angel" which I loved during my teenage years!