Friday, February 28, 2014

How to sew a corset - Modesty panel

Anyone besides me that finds spilling skin unattractive? Have you ever seen a tightly laced corset with the skin crawling out between the back laces? I hate that! and let me tell you, it is also damned uncomfortable! This is why I include a modesty panel for every corset that is designed not to fully close on my body.

You can either go the easy route and include a rectangle of fabric between the last two panels of your corset on one side. But the modesty panels always move and never stay in place when you need them! So my modesty panel take a little more work while making, but really help staying in place once they are done.

You will start with two rectangles of fabric - 1 from your outer fabric, 1 from your lining. Mine are about 18cm wide and the length of the corset.

 photo IMG_5894_zpsc5bef373.jpg

I serge around three sides with both fabrics right side on right side and leave one side open to turn the modesty panel.

 photo IMG_5895_zpsa86d3f80.jpg

Now turn the modesty panel! Next, I add the boning. I cut 2 times 5mm wide spring steel to fit in the length minus 1.5cm Then I sew with the zipper foot close to the bone. Repeat for the other side:

 photo IMG_5896_zps6b608b3b.jpg

 photo IMG_5897_zps2544c833.jpg

 photo IMG_5898_zpse032a862.jpg

Next, I cut two pieces of 5mm wide spring steel to fit the width between the bones:

 photo IMG_5899_zps5b84fe2b.jpg

I sew in the lower bone first, then I sew between the two longer bones along the width to create a pocket for the second bone. Put the bone in and sew it shut! I used a serger and folded the edge over by hand, but you could also fold it in and sew it shut by machine.

 photo IMG_5900_zps14bc1089.jpg

Now we have a boned rectangle. The space between the bones is necessary to make the modesty panel flexible, so it doesn't matter if your bones are a little to small!

 photo IMG_5901_zpsb15c0e59.jpg

Then I insert 4 grommets, so you can lace the modesty panel in.

 photo IMG_5902_zpsf3e95515.jpg

And this is how I lace it up:
  photo IMG_5905_zps0190e536.jpg

Tataaaa! You are done with your corset now!


Neisella Nightmare said...

Ah, so hab ich das noch nie gesehen. Eine gute Idee mit den Stäbchen, so kann wirklich nix mehr verrutschen!

MindLess said...

@ Neisi: Genau! Und vor allem hilft es, wenn man sich selber schnüren muss...