Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How to sew a corset - Eyelets, baby!

Now that we inserted the bones into the corset and finished it off with bias tape on both hems, the only thing that is left to do is insert the eyelets! You will need:

 photo IMG_0269_zps51e944ee.jpg

  1. Eyelets. Stating the obvious! ^^
  2. The little metal bits which come with the eyelets in the package
  3. A pin - you will see later why
  4. Chalk - I have this handy tool, but any ordinary chalk will do
  5. Pliers for inserting the eyelets
  6. Measuring tape (Forgot that in the picture! Oops!)
Let me talk a second about the pliers; being a cheap ass student most of my life, I went the cheap route and bought some no-name brand (Tchibo). Those were bad. I tried another cheap version (from the hardware store) - all of the eyelets were wonky. Now I digged deep into my pockets and bought the real deal by PRYM and they are just so much better, I almost can't believe it. I'm not sponsored (but hey, if you read this please email me, PRYM), but I'd like to safe you some money and nerves!

Now that the advertisement is over, let's get talking about the corset again. You remember the layout of the last panel?

 photo Praumlsentation1_zps8f7717dc.jpg

You will now mark the spots were to punch the holes and insert the eyelets. I usually go for 2 - 2.5cm (depending on how strong I'd like to reduce my waist), it is 2.5cm here. Start on to pf your corset and mark a spot 0.5cm below your bias tape. The next point will be 2.5cm away from the first spot, which means that the eyelet centers are 2.5cm apart:

 photo IMG_0271_zps26c85ae9.jpg

Now get out your pliers and insert the hole punching tool. Watch out that the cylinder-part is inserted correctly otherwise your holes will end up being to small! and then punch away! ^^

 photo IMG_0272_zpse40cec79.jpg

After about half the corset, you will find that your holes are not as clean and it takes more power to punch. This is where the needle comes in! You need to get the fabric pieces out of the little cylinder part. I tried different methods, but nothing works better than putting the needle in and pulling all the little pieces out!

 photo IMG_0274_zpsb96a0def.jpg

 photo IMG_0275_zps985893e9.jpg

When the cylinder is empty again, punch the rest of the holes. Then I insert the larger part of the eyelet into every punched hole. If you used the cylinder-thingy the right way around, this is pretty easy. The fabric is tight around the eyelet, but getting them in is not too hard:

 photo IMG_0276_zps65f642c7.jpg

Then you add the other part (little ring) of the eyelet and use the pliers. It takes a little power, but is much easier than the cheapo tools I used before!

 photo IMG_0277_zps61c9ed3c.jpg

Repeat until all eyelets are done and your corset is ready to wear!

 photo IMG_0279_zpse751e178.jpg

I will show you one more thing I usually do for my corsets which is a boned modesty panel. This is not strictly necessary, but it makes the corset more comfortable and luxurios. Stay tuned for Friday!

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