Monday, January 27, 2014

No shopping challenge?

With the fabric stash analysis and my wish to reduce this clutter I accumulated, another thing ca,e to my eye:
I shop to much! -.-'
I do have a full wardrobe with lots of stuff in it. I do cull my wardrobe now and then and always find stuff I don't wear anymore. I do have a lot of jewelry, but most of the time only wear my watch and maybe some simple studs in my ears. I do have more than ten pairs of fake lashes and wear them maybe twice a year. Not to mention my huge collection of eye shadows and nail polishes...

To put it simple, I'd like to try an experiment. No shopping of unnecessary stuff. If I need underwear or socks, shampoo or soap or any other hygienic product, I can buy that. Otherwise, I really think I should realise I don't need any more stuff.

  • Go through the wardrobe and make a catalogue. Does anyone have a good program for this? or maybe an app?
  • Sew clothes myself. I'm capable of this and I have a lot of patterns at home. As well as a lot of fabric!
  • As I said, hygienic stuff will be bought new
  • Keep a tab of all the stuff I didn't buy. Save a picture, write down the price and see how much I saved...
  • buy fabric - Unless I need it for WGT
  • buy basics because "You can always wear basics"
  • Shirts with nice prints. I don't wear them much besides in the gym. And who needs more than 10 gym shirts?
  • shopping out of frustration or boredom
  • "I do have this coupon" shopping
  • online shopping
  • No new eye shadows, fake lashes or nail polishes. Absolutely none!
At first I'd like to do this for 3 months from February 1st. I know there is WGT and Gala Nocturna on the way, so I will make an exception there. I already have plans for my outfits and will stick to them. But there will be some stuff I still need to buy. Other than that, I will use my time for better things than shopping.

I also have a good goal for the money I'll save: I'm going to New Zealand this fall and will need a serious financial cushion for this. To enter the country, one has to have some money in the bank account. Add that to the costs for flight and living and I'll be grateful for every cent I saved...

You won't notice much I guess (it will be more boring because I don't have much new stuff to show you, but since WGT is coming most posts will center around that anyway). I will give weekly updates in the "Week in Review" posts, and maybe one other post per month on this topic.

Is anyone in with me?


Nachtkatze said...

oooh, Neuseeland...wie schön. Da wünsche ich Dir jetzt schon viel Spaß und bring mir ein Schaf mit *gg* äh...worum gings? ach richtig... ich unterstütze dich natürlich gerne :-D

Ms Misantropia said...

You know, I have been preparing a big post about exactly this!
I am definitely on, and maybe we should do a blog challenge about it..?

MindLess said...

@ Nachtkatze: Ein Schaf? Ein ganzes? Ich geb mein bestes, aber versprechen kann ich nichts!

@ Ms Misantropia: I was so surprised when your post came up in my feedreader! Maybe we could do something like that, but rewarding people with stuff when they don't buy stuff seems a bit strange to me! Or just a general challenge without a prize?

Anonymous said...

I have been decluttering like mad lately. I'm so sick of all my stuff. And it takes forever to pick an outfit out because there are too many mix and match options. I'm going for quality over quantity. Only keep something if you absolutely love it and it makes you feel fabulous. I had a huge problem with too much makeup as well. I've now consolidated everything to one small/medium makeup bag and then a couple eye shadow palettes. I would suggest that when you go through your wardrobe, take everything out that you own, and I mean everything. Lay it all out and sort things together so you can see what duplicates you have. Make a point to try things on...maybe have a glass of wine and do a mini fashion show by yourself to see what you really feel good in. Another thing I do is pretend there's a fire and grab X number of clothes/accessories/shoes in x number of minutes. This way you are forced to quickly pick your favorites you can't live without. I know this is a long-winded comment, ha. Bear with me...I'm very passionate on this subject right now and have been doing a lot of research on it.

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

I am on a no buying makeup challenge for the year. I have a lot of nice makeup and I forget to use some nice things I have because I am always finding new things!!! VERY BAD!!!

Wollmaus said...

Ich merke, das Thema beschäftigt noch mehr Menschen! Das finde ich total super und ich werde dich nach Kräften unterstützen! Ich habe selber am Montag mein Kleiderschrankprojekt durchgesetzt (Fotos und Post folgen!) und bin gespannt, was aus deinem wird.

Makeup aussortieren muss ich auch nochmal.
Eine gute Strategie ist hierfür, eine kleine Schachtel hinzustellen: eine normale Woche lang legst du alles hinein, was du benutzt hast. Dann sortierst du aus dem Rest ein "Weggeh-Kit" dazu und nimmst den Rest kritisch unter die Lupe. Was ist doppelt? Was ist abgelaufen/oll geworden? Und dann beherzt verschenken oder wegwerfen!
Du schaffst das.

MindLess said...

@ Geist Katze: Thanks for your comment, this is a really good strategy! I'm going to try that this weekend. I don't have problems dressing in the morning, but I still love new additions to the wardrobe more than my old beloved stuff. This is something I need working on!

@ Vulcan Butterfly: This exactly! We have so much nice stuff at home, why do we keep buying more?!

@ Wollmaus: Mit dem Makeup bin ich so weit durch, eine Kiste für Alltag und meine Weggehsachen bestehen größtenteils aus der 100er Palette und falschen Wimpern! ^^

Aber Klamotten und Schmuck sind meine Nemesis. Ich brauche echt nichts und weiß das auch, aber ich ertappe mich dabei sehnsüchtig restyle und H&M durchzuschauen... Bin gespannt auf deine Lösung!

Neisella Nightmare said...

Das gleiche ging mir die letzten Tage auch durch den Kopf. Ich lasse es langsam angehen und versuche, erst mal nur im Februar nichts zu kaufen. Aber ich habe auch viel zu viel Kram!