Thursday, January 9, 2014


Usually, to inherit something somebody has to die. Is my family the only one which gives inheritances before death so they can enjoy seeing the happy faces while still alive? Maybe you could say that those are hand me downs, but we call it "inheritance".

Why do I keep talking about this? Because my aunt gave me some inheritance from a great aunt on Christmas eve. She was visiting my great aunt when she was sorting through her old clothes. And when she saw some great quality leather gloves and a pretty belt, she instantly thought of me! So now I'm the proud owner of two pairs of white leather gloves and a velvet stretch belt:

 photo IMG_0126_zps812f48af.jpg

 photo d1bb97d0-13fb-43a2-8ddc-13c63b132a3d_zps3164597b.jpg


linnea-maria said...

My grandmother use to give away some of her belongings, in advance so to speak. I guess she want to decide the one who will get it, and avoid discussions about it later. she has a niece that says she wants her stuff after she dies and she thinks that is both rude and greedy.

MindLess said...

@ Linnea-maria: My grandmother put sticky notes on her stuff years before her death. And if she got in an argument with someone, all his/her tags would be removed! ^^ But in the end, she put them back on all her stuff...

That niee really sounds rude, so your grandmother probably does well organizing it now!

Wollmaus said...

Das ist ein tolles Konzept! In meiner Familie geht es manchmal ähnlich zu.
Die Geschichte mit den Klebezetteln ist super!

Wie wirst du die weißen Lederhandschuhe kombinieren?

Anonymous said...

I would be proud to have those gloves and belt - they are beautiful. My grandmother also used sticky notes years before she passed on. She was quite the seamstress so lucky for me, I have many handmade items she had made for me when I was a lot younger. There is also a skirt that we made together and I find that one extra special.

MindLess said...

@ Wollmaus: Die halblangen würde ich zu Bällen tragen, das Leder ist hauchdünn! Die anderen sind ein bisschen problematisch, ich denke es waren eigentlich Autofahrer Handschuhe. Vielleicht probier ich das ganz dekadent mal aus! ^^

@ Geist Katze: Thank you for the compliment! I also have some treasures I got from her. My grandma didn't sew (you are sooo lucky), but I inherited watches and jewelry from her. I'd love to see pictures of you wearing that skirt!