Friday, January 17, 2014

Final: Wrap dress!

And now unto the final post in this mini series: The wrap dress from the amazing pinstripe jersey:

 photo IMG_0176_zps29f7d168.jpg

 photo IMG_0178_zps3e0d2e77.jpg

 photo IMG_0177_zpsf4c4a1ff.jpg

As you can maybe see, I made some changes to the pattern for this dress:
  1. I merged the sleeve pieces together to eliminate a seam right down the middle. I think this was done to save fabric, but it is not necessary!
  2. I elongated the wrap part a bit, so it hides my tummy better.
  3. I made the band around the neck a little wider. This was on accident, I cut it wider and forgot to serge of more... ^^
I now have an amazing and pretty wrap dress that I will wear a lot in future. Maybe I should do another version? I still have grey and navy jersey in my stash?!


Wollmaus said...

Sieht sehr toll aus, das steht dir bestimmt total gut! Und Nadelstreifen sind soooo schick...

Medea said...

Würd gern Fotos mit dir drin sehen... da sitzt es bestimmt viel besser :)

MindLess said...

@ Wollmaus: Danke! Ich mag Nadelstreifen auch gern, weil sie quasi professionelle Streifen sind.

@ Medea: Dafür muss ich meinen Freund motivieren... Ich versuch mein bestes!