Friday, January 31, 2014

Week in Review 5/2014

What did I see?
This week I stumbled upon the fantastic work of aiko (Natasha Cousens), who turns plastic woodland creatures and flowers into amazing sculptures:

What did I listen to?

What did I ask myself?
Why do I let everything slide once one single thing goes wrong?

What did I read?
I have to admit that "Thursday Next - The Eyre affair" by Jasper Fforde was a bit slow in the beginning. It takes a lot to just accept the parallel universe they are creating. Once you accepted that every absurd thing can and will happen, the book is a nice read! I will probably finish this weekend, but I'm low in time at the moment.

What did I work on?
Work. Working overtime and not finding time and motivation for much else...

I was happy about...
My boyfriend and our relationship!

I was annoyed about...
Why did I not go to the gym or do something creative? I should know by now that TV doesn't make me happy...

I bought...
Two bras but I'm giving them back.

Monday, January 27, 2014

No shopping challenge?

With the fabric stash analysis and my wish to reduce this clutter I accumulated, another thing ca,e to my eye:
I shop to much! -.-'
I do have a full wardrobe with lots of stuff in it. I do cull my wardrobe now and then and always find stuff I don't wear anymore. I do have a lot of jewelry, but most of the time only wear my watch and maybe some simple studs in my ears. I do have more than ten pairs of fake lashes and wear them maybe twice a year. Not to mention my huge collection of eye shadows and nail polishes...

To put it simple, I'd like to try an experiment. No shopping of unnecessary stuff. If I need underwear or socks, shampoo or soap or any other hygienic product, I can buy that. Otherwise, I really think I should realise I don't need any more stuff.

  • Go through the wardrobe and make a catalogue. Does anyone have a good program for this? or maybe an app?
  • Sew clothes myself. I'm capable of this and I have a lot of patterns at home. As well as a lot of fabric!
  • As I said, hygienic stuff will be bought new
  • Keep a tab of all the stuff I didn't buy. Save a picture, write down the price and see how much I saved...
  • buy fabric - Unless I need it for WGT
  • buy basics because "You can always wear basics"
  • Shirts with nice prints. I don't wear them much besides in the gym. And who needs more than 10 gym shirts?
  • shopping out of frustration or boredom
  • "I do have this coupon" shopping
  • online shopping
  • No new eye shadows, fake lashes or nail polishes. Absolutely none!
At first I'd like to do this for 3 months from February 1st. I know there is WGT and Gala Nocturna on the way, so I will make an exception there. I already have plans for my outfits and will stick to them. But there will be some stuff I still need to buy. Other than that, I will use my time for better things than shopping.

I also have a good goal for the money I'll save: I'm going to New Zealand this fall and will need a serious financial cushion for this. To enter the country, one has to have some money in the bank account. Add that to the costs for flight and living and I'll be grateful for every cent I saved...

You won't notice much I guess (it will be more boring because I don't have much new stuff to show you, but since WGT is coming most posts will center around that anyway). I will give weekly updates in the "Week in Review" posts, and maybe one other post per month on this topic.

Is anyone in with me?

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Winner of the Give Away

Do you remember the Give Away I posted earlier this month? I gave away a pair of very sexy Peek a Boo Panties by ParaNoire... Yesterday at midnight was the end of the deadline and today my friend announced the lucky winner:



Friday, January 24, 2014

Week in Review 4/2014

What did I see?
Some art noveau pictures of Hayao Miyazaki movies! Unfortunately I didn't find a real source just this link.

What did I listen to?
The audiobooks of Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. van Dusen. German Crime stories which are really funny!

What did I ask myself?
Should I finally put down the Christmas tree?

What did I read?
Like the other books by Ben Aaronovitch, "Broken Homes" was great. I love the mix of modern London and magic creatures! Now I'm reading "Thursday Next - The Eyre affair" by Jasper Fforde which was lent to me by *Wollmaus*. It seems like a very crazy story about yet another Detective who has to investige paranormal stuff. But we eill see!

What did I work on?
Some shirts, a skirt, a dress and a corset. Way to go!

I was happy about...
Reading a lot of interesting stuff!

I was annoyed about...
Being lazy. But I'll work on it.

I bought...
A library ID. I'm so nerdy!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Gala Nocturna 2014 - Underskirt

And on to the first sewn and finished piece for Gala Nocturna! I made a simple layered skirt as my underskirt as the fabric I originally bought as a draping fabric lost all its body when I washed it. Bummer...

But I made pretty rolled hems (with my sewing machine, I'm certainly not seaming more than 20m per hand!) and ruffled with my serger:

 photo IMG_0150_zpsd85f5fe4.jpg

 photo IMG_0148_zpsd8f6d485.jpg

I made a simply 6 part skirt which was 50cm wider than my crinoline (my crinoline is 3,5m wide, so the skirt is 4m) from some dark grey cotton in my stash. I simply sewed the layers on with the machine:

 photo IMG_0141_zps2e95f87b.jpg

 photo IMG_0142_zps663b67c0.jpg

As you can see, I made yet another elastic waistline. Screw historically correct, I like to eat and move! ^^ I spent a lot of time sewing rounds and rounds of layers. Neisella always includes some d-rings to have the possibility to add a removable purse. I copied that:

 photo IMG_0143_zps8acb9e50.jpg

 photo IMG_0144_zpsd20e0a12.jpg

I think it looks rather unimpressive, but when you add the crinoline -boom!

 photo IMG_0146_zpsb5316742.jpg

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bat necklace and bracelett

I like winter, I really do. I like snow and cold and clear icy blue skies! The only problem is that the amount of light in my flat is low nowadays, or rather too low to take nice pictures of the jewelry I made. So instead of nice pictures on me or my mannequin, you'll have to bear with these:

 photo IMG_0165_zps4ecd6d3a.jpg

Bat necklace - I bought two of these bats and one was exchanged for a knit DNA helix. The other one was lying around and screaming to be turned into something pretty. I simply added two red beads with silver stuff I also had lying in my jewelry box.

 photo IMG_0166_zps94bd644d.jpg

 photo IMG_0167_zps9e61d52e.jpg

Bat bracelet - The epitome of laziness. I bought the bat and bend it in shape.That's it! ;)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Gala Nocturna 2014 - Plans and To do/sew list

After years and years of listening to Neisella and other members of the green Forum (Natron und Soda) raging about how cool Gala Nocturna is, I gave up. This year I will visit it myself and see with my own eyes how Viona Art likes to party!

For the people coming from outside Europe and who ask themselves what the hell I'm talking about: Gala Nocturna is a medieval-dark romantic ball which seems to be the epitome of historical style balls here in central Europe. The ball has a theme every year, this time it is "La Belle et Le Béte" (~ the Beauty and the Beast). Viona offers some inspirational art and pictures to inspire the visitors for outfits that match the theme.

This time, Nachtkatze and Neisella will be there as well as me and my boyfriend. Yes, he is joining in (although he is still a bit skeptical about the dancing part)! Offer this guy some pretty clothes and he's willing to throw his doubts over board! ^^

Anyway, the ball is March 8th, so I'm on a tight schedule. As always! ;) I already started planning and sewing, but let's start with the planning part first:
  • I want to be the beast! My boyfriend is more beautiful than me anyway and I think it is rather boring to be pretty all the time. So I will have animal inspiration and the boyfriend will just look fabulous as ever!
  • We were inspired by Russian pictures of the mid of the 19s century. He will be in uniform! <3 li="">
  • I decided that I would rather wear a crinoline than a tornure, because tornures look better with with a train and trains make dancing very hard (at least for me).
  • The inspirational colour from the Russian uniforms is blue, so my dress will be blue, too.
I made a draft - please remember I can't draw, so don't make fun of me!

 photo 20140122154811099_zps4fc4c84e.jpg

I will need to sew:
  1. Underskirt, Draping, Corset, Mask, Gloves - for me! ^^
  2. Jacket, Shirt, Pants - for my lovely boyfriend

Any readers I will meet there? Anything that I could/should make better?

Monday, January 20, 2014

Scary hairy bat!

I'm still trying to reduce my stash, so I went trough the leftovers and stumbled upon a small piece of long fake fur. I intended this for a collar, but the shape of the leftover would have forced me to do some serious piecing. And since sewing long fur is not fun (very hairy and you need to comb the fur in direction every time you make a seam), a collar was not my favourite option. But then I stumbled upon this cute fellow: 

source from
I fell in love and thought I could do a fellow "Scray hairy bat" as well! I used the mentioned fake fur, wool suiting fabric for the wings, some green cat eyes from the crafts shop and even more of the Ikea pillow filling. Which is almost used up now...

 photo IMG_0114_zps5849f345.jpg

Since I somehow felt that my hairy friend was still lacking personality, I made some fangs from air dry clay and sewed them into his face. Now he looks seriously evil! ^^

 photo IMG_0162_zps625321a0.jpg

He has already moved in with my boyfriend and hides away in the mancave...

Friday, January 17, 2014

Final: Wrap dress!

And now unto the final post in this mini series: The wrap dress from the amazing pinstripe jersey:

 photo IMG_0176_zps29f7d168.jpg

 photo IMG_0178_zps3e0d2e77.jpg

 photo IMG_0177_zpsf4c4a1ff.jpg

As you can maybe see, I made some changes to the pattern for this dress:
  1. I merged the sleeve pieces together to eliminate a seam right down the middle. I think this was done to save fabric, but it is not necessary!
  2. I elongated the wrap part a bit, so it hides my tummy better.
  3. I made the band around the neck a little wider. This was on accident, I cut it wider and forgot to serge of more... ^^
I now have an amazing and pretty wrap dress that I will wear a lot in future. Maybe I should do another version? I still have grey and navy jersey in my stash?!

Week in Review 3/2014

What did I see?

This week I was fascinated by the works of artist and radiation physicist Arie van’t Riet. He does x-rays of beautiful sceneries and adds some colour afterwards. This looks more fantastic than it sounds:

What did I listen to?
Some HIM while sewing. Sometimes it's great to relisten to the stuff you loved in your teenage years, like "Razorblade Kiss"!

What did I ask myself?
How long is it until Gala Nocturna again? Why is nothing done yet?!

What did I read?
I read through "World War Z" by Max Brooks - actually a re-read, so I knew what would happen. Nice zombie book, much better than the movie. The ever changing perspectives really add to the creepy realism! I also started with the newest book from the "Rivers of London" series "Broken Homes" by Ben Aaronovitch. So far it is really catching, I like the main characters the cops Peter Grant andhis partner Lesley and their paranormal investigations!

What did I work on?
Some shirts, a skirt, a dress and a corset. Way to go!

I was happy about...
Seeing Neisella again after such a long pause!

I was annoyed about...
My work. Somehow I'm currently not a happy camper... *sigh*

I bought...
Nothing, but I recieved a lot of packages!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Etsy haul

And some more jewelry made in questionable conditions... This pieces were bought from The quality is good and the shipping went relatively fast - it took 5 weeks but I need to calculate Christmas and New Years holidays in, so it was probably more around 3 weeks in work days!

 photo IMG_0159_zps588fadd6.jpg

 photo IMG_0160_zps3ce74f38.jpg

Anyway, the name of the shop is less4more, in case you'd also love to own one of this pieces.I always bought matchingchokers with wristlets, because my collection is very much necklace and earring centered...

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wearable musselin for a wrap dress part 2

After the pyjamas incident, I'm happy to tell you that the other pattern hit it off much better with me.This time we are looking at Simplicity 2369, which also happens to be on Pattern reviews list "Best of 2010". Again I used a jersey from my stash, this time a lace print:

 photo IMG_0128_zpsd1072ebf.jpg
 photo IMG_0129_zpse5f0e3ea.jpg
 photo IMG_0130_zpsc165dbb2.jpg

You might be surprised, but this is also a fake wrap pattern. Talking about reading the pattern description BEFORE ordering next time... *head -> desk* But this time I love it! Seriously, it looks even better on me than on my mannequin!

The neck opening is open, but not indecent, the wrap part hides the food baby that somehow suddenly was there after Christmas, the fabric is so nice I could kick my ass for not buying more of it... It's simply love! <3>

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Restyle haul

I did it again. Although I do not actually need more jewelry, although I know that the jewelry is made under bad conditions and although I should save up for the vacation this year, I was online shopping again. is my weakness, I should really avoid it in future... But anyway, I bought some stuff and it is beautiful and the quality is great. Take a look:

 photo IMG_0161_zps1a9b9802.jpg

 photo IMG_0158_zpsd83c5cc0.jpg

 photo IMG_0157_zps572cb079.jpg

 photo IMG_0156_zpsa01b0efa.jpg

 photo IMG_0155_zpsb9607caa.jpg
Note: The earrings were made by me, but mach the necklace so well I had to include them!

Not all of the stuff was bought directly from Restyle; some of it was bought second hand. I love the style of the pieces and hope I will wear them a lot. I really should  otherwise my bad conscience should keep me from other shopping sprees!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Wearable musselin for a wrap dress part 1

I know it seems like most of the stuff I sew is a full on success. That's not right. Some stuff is so ugly it never gets taken a picture. Or the pieces won't match or don't fit and I throw them out in a temper (has happened before and will probably happen in the future). Some clothes never get finished and end up on the ever-growing UFO pile.

I have some beautiful pin stripe jersey in my stash that I would love to turn into a wrap dress. Something I can wear at work or on conferences and still be confident. But wrap dresses have several hurdles. I'm a busty girl, so many wrap dresses show enough cleavage on my to make grown men blush. Not the kind of attention one wants from fellow scientists! Other wrap dresses split at the skirt part and love playing in the wind which leaves me embarrassed with many people who know the colour of my (self sewn! ^^) panties. To make a wrap dress that keeps me covered while still being stylish, I decided to make some musselins first. And since making musselins just to put on and then throw away is awfully wasteful, I wanted to make them wearable! I first gathered the supplies and patterns:
Then I carefully read the instructions and decided to go with the Top only versions first (skirts are much easier to modify if the top fits) for both patterns. I started with Simplicity 2369, which is actually a fake wrap which I only discovered after cutting the pattern. D'Oh!

 photo IMG_0133_zps9976f341.jpg
 photo IMG_0131_zps2828dd4f.jpg
 photo IMG_0132_zpsb5143f0d.jpg

I used black and white striped cotton jersey and some black jersey for cuffs and belt. I also elongated the sleeves as I don't like 3/4 sleeves. But looking at the finished result - even if we can for one second overlook that the combination of stripes and black cuffs looks like a pyjama -, it just doesn't make me happy. I matched all the stripes I could and it doesn't look horrible, it is just meh. So on to the next pattern it is!

Can you see what I mean? Anyone interested in a nice pyjama top in size 16? ;)

Friday, January 10, 2014

Week in Review 2/2014

What did I see?
I stumbled upon the art of Kris Kuksi on 9gag (don't judge, I have no life ^^) and thought it was too amazing to hide it from you:

He forms sculptures of amazing detail that look like rococo from afar, but when you look closer you can identify modern plastic soldiers, religious relics and creepy aesthetics!

What did I listen to?
Me breathing through my stuffed nose... *argh!*

What did I ask myself?
What will do if nothing works out?

What did I read?
I finished "The Night Circus" by Erin Morgenstern. I was so into the book that in the evening, I begged my boyfriend for "5 more minutes before sleep". It is amazing, and inspiring and really strange! A great way to start into a new year...

What did I work on?
A skirt and a head dress.

I was happy about...
Going to the gym despite the lack of motivation. I'm proud of me!

I was annoyed about...
Being sick last weekend. I had such nice plans and than I had to stay in bed for 2 days... *sigh*

I bought...
Books. But as I had gift vouchers, I didn't spend any money on them.

Thursday, January 9, 2014


Usually, to inherit something somebody has to die. Is my family the only one which gives inheritances before death so they can enjoy seeing the happy faces while still alive? Maybe you could say that those are hand me downs, but we call it "inheritance".

Why do I keep talking about this? Because my aunt gave me some inheritance from a great aunt on Christmas eve. She was visiting my great aunt when she was sorting through her old clothes. And when she saw some great quality leather gloves and a pretty belt, she instantly thought of me! So now I'm the proud owner of two pairs of white leather gloves and a velvet stretch belt:

 photo IMG_0126_zps812f48af.jpg

 photo d1bb97d0-13fb-43a2-8ddc-13c63b132a3d_zps3164597b.jpg

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Panty Giveaway!

Since I'm so in love with ParaNoire's panties and was giving them the highest praises yesterday, I would like to give one of you the opportunity to win an awesome pair:

This is my very first giveaway and to make things clear - I'm paying for this from my own money as I want to support a friend and make one of my Internet buddies happy!The panties will be made to your measurements, so after I contacted the lucky winner, you will have to provide these measurements (waist and hip circumference) to ParaNoire and she will sew up the panty as quick as possible for you!

To win these panties, all you have to is leave a comment (please include an email address!) below this blog post until midnight of the 24th of January 2014. On the 25th of January I will randomly choose a winner and contact them via email. You can participate from every country of the globe, but only if you are older than 18 or have your parents permission...

Good luck!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Selfmade panties!

Let me start off by saying I'm a bad friend and an even worse pattern reviewer. I received the pattern I used for the panties in this post more than a year ago for test sewing I immediately sewed my first panties and loved the fit - which is no surprise since the pattern was made to my measurements! I also intended to make a post about this panties (because I love them and like to support friends), but the was one problem:
"Should I show the panties unworn? Or present my butt publicly?"
My dress form doesn't wear panties well. I won't have Undie pictures on the Internet (Thankyouverymuch, my mum reads this blog!). I don't know models with my exact measurement who model underwear for free. So today I present to you: Panties lying on my table!

 photo IMG_0119_zps14b1fd11.jpg

The amazing thing is that for sewing these panties, you don't need fancy equipment; a normal sewing machine with zigzag stitch and both the higher and lower versions are made from the same pattern called the Pinup Panty.

 photo IMG_0121_zpsfe3ffef0.jpg
 photo IMG_0122_zps3d9ffa28.jpg

As far as I see, ParaNoire doesn't sell these patterns, but you can buy panties made from the very same pattern at her shop. You can see her works on Facebook or on her webpage, but if you want to buy something, you should enter the etsy or Dawanda (for German readers) shop. She is greatly into the development of underwear matching every body type and from what I've heard, her bras are the most comfy ones in the universe! Go check out her capes as well, I'm seriously considering buying one in black velvet!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Zombie Saturday - Zombie fitness!

In case you want to loose some pounds and get fitter in case of a Zombie apocalypse, this blogpost by Fitness Mission might be just the thing for you:

Friday, January 3, 2014

Week in Review 1/2014

What did I see?
I saw "The Hobbit - The Desolation of Smaug" and was unimpressed. To many logical flaws, the fights were way to hectic for me and well - the added plots were unnecessary and stupid. But nice pictures, Mr. Jackson!
I also saw "Pacific Rim" (was as I expected, nearly no story, but cool action), "Wreck-It Ralph" (so funny and cute!) and "Kick Ass 2" (which was really good but a bit worse than the first part).

What did I listen to?
The Gabriel Burns series which is a German Horror Audio play. Has not been translated to any other language, but is really creepy and disturbing..

What did I ask myself?
Will I stick to my resolutions this time?

What did I read?
I started reading "The Night Circus" by Erin Morgenstern and I'm in love. A book about magic in Victorian times, love and a fantastic setting...

What did I work on?
Shirts and panties and muffs and bustle pillows and so much more! I was really productive!

I was happy about...
My boyfriend being so unbelievably lovely. Can you imagine that this is our 6th New Years Eve together?

I was annoyed about...
Loud banging of the fireworks. I only like the pretty ones not the loud ones.

I bought...
Fabric and jewelry.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Bustle pillow

While having a lot of fun with my friends from the Natron and Soda forum (Hi guys! ^^), our trip to the medieval Christmas market took it's toll on my bustle pillow. A bustle pillow (for the non-historical sewers) helps to give you the nice little extra bum you need for the correct tornure silhouette. I call it lovingly my "fat ass"! Anyway, my bustle pillow ripped open in the middle and repairing would not have made it any prettier. So I decided to make a new one!

 photo IMG_0097_zps3b63c9d5.jpg
 photo IMG_0098_zpsafa1d188.jpg
 photo IMG_0099_zps40f7739a.jpg

I used the same pattern again (included in Burda's pattern 1888), but this time added ruffles to the upper side as I saw it in Madame Lacrima's blog and liked it very much! I used some fabric I had in my stash (Go, 2014's resolutions!) and filled it with poly filling from an old pillow and my old cyberlox I never wear any more...

 photo IMG_0096_zpsd1d02cdf.jpg

To give you some idea how it looks with other garments, I took some pictures with the Russian wrap. Remind me to finally find a place to stash it, otherwise you will see pictures of it until the end of 2014... *blush*

 photo IMG_0103_zpsbc72c01c.jpg

 photo IMG_0101_zpsd3faee38.jpg