Friday, December 27, 2013

Yearly Review 2013

This year is mainly over, so I thought I might make a yearly review. Maybe I can go on doing these in the next year(s)?

1. Lost or gained weight?
Stayed the same. A little less would be better... ;)

2. Cut or grew your hair?
Grew it back after cutting the damage of.

3. More short or wide sighted?
About the same I guess, since my glasses still work well for me.

4. More or less money?

5. More or less spending?
Also more (hey, I need to compensate! ;) )

6. More or less physical activity?
About the same. But I enjoyed it a little more.

7. Most stupid plan?
Sewing a full 1860s ball outfit in one week. It didn't work out!

8. Most dangerous plan?
Preparing my PhD thesis before the May session. Also didn't work out!

9. The best party?
Was right after my PhD defense

10. Most expensive purchase?
The car!

11. Most delicious food?
Salted caramel. I love it!

12. Most appreciated book (s)?
The Monstrumologist series. Loved it to pieces! And also the Game of Thrones series. We had a hard time initially (what with all the names and my bad name memory), but in the end it got me hooked. Also, the "His dark materials" series by Philip Pullman which is far from being the children's books I expected! The "River of London" series by Ben Aaronovitch was also really good. 

13. Best movies 2013?
Django unchained, The Hanibal series, Warm bodies, the British Sherlock series, Hunger games - Catching fire

14. Best album 2013?
Disturbed - Believe (I'm not so current on music. Sorry!)

15. Best concert 2013?
VNV nation at the WGT

16. Most time spent with...?
I guess my boyfriend. But that's just because we live together ^^

17. Greatest time spent with…?
With my boyfriend, friends and family. No specific person singled out, I love all of them the same!

18. Could have spent more time with ...?
My boyfriend. I loved our Hamburg vacation and look forward for our next trip together.

19. Main feeling in 2013?
Anxiety (before PhD) and happiness

20. First in 2013?
PhD thesis, trip to Barcelona and Vienna, buying a car, writing a grant proposal and getting it through reviews, photo shootings, visiting a historical ball, having all of my outfits prepared before WGT, made jewelry

21. Done once again in 2013?
WGT, visiting Hamburg, visited friends and my family, written a paper, worked a lot, had Zumba classes 

22. Three things I could have done without?
All the stress, being sick (was it just me or did I really all ill a lot this year?) and much of the stuff I bought

23. Most important thing I wanted to convince someone of?
I can do this, trust me!

24. Best gift I gave away?
A family portrait for my mum.

25. Best gift I received?
A day with horses!

26. Best thing someone told me?
Don't make such a fuzz, everything will work out in the end!

27. Best thing I said to someone?
Take your time, you'll know when you are ready!

28. In short, 2013 was...?


ette said...

Nochmal Glückwunsch zum Titel. Hab mich dieses Jahr ja ähnlich gefühlt, wenn auch eine Stufe kleiner (aber wenn ich Glück hab, habe ich zumindest eine Richtung für meine Dissertation, Thema wäre noch zuviel gesagt).
Und Hannibal, soo toll. Ich steh nicht auf viele männliche Schauspieler, aber Mads Mikkelsen gehört definitiv in diesen erlauchten Kreis. Und Game of Thrones habe ich grad zu Weihnachten bekommen, bin sehr gespannt drauf!
lg und einen guten Rutsch, ette

MindLess said...

@ ette: Danke! Nach jedem Titel (bzw. dem Ende eines Studiums) fühlt man sich gleich erleichtert, ich würde sagen ein Dr. ist nicht besser als ein Master oder Magister...

Mads ist nicht sexy aber ein wahnsinnig guter Schauspieler. Ich finde es immer wieder überraschend, wie gut er diese fiesen Typen darstellen kann! Ich hoffe, dass dir Game of Thrones auch gefällt.

Guten Rutsch und ein erfolgreiches Jahr 2014!