Friday, December 20, 2013

Week in Review - 51/2013

What did I see?
I wanted to go into the Hobbit part 2, but I was too sick. Maybe we will do this next week? But I saw two medieval Christmas markets last weekend and had a lot of fun with old and new friends.

What did I listen to?
I discovered "Welcome to Night Vale" which is creepy and awesome and hard to explain. It is a podcast about a radio station in a fictive town called Night Vale, where all the crazy conspiracy theories are true. Just go and listen to it, it is free!
Also, this weeks song is Turbonegro - F*ck the World. You are welcome! ;)

What did I ask myself?
What happens if I can't make it?

What did I read?
Still working on the Simon Fitzek book.

What did I work on?
Nothing. I was a bit under the weather and preferred to sleep a lot.

I was happy about...
My boyfriend also having some job offers! Yay!

I was annoyed about...
Being sick-ish. Like not really sick but always tired and blergh!

I bought...
Nothing. Surprisingly!


Shannon Rutherford said...

Aww, I want to see "The Hobbit" too! And you know, I've already been recommended "Welcome to Night Vale", it sounds like I should give it a chance :D
Looks like we have a very similar taste in films and stuff XD!

Anonymous said...

I saw The Hobbit part 2 the other day - excellent! It was in 3D, too which I was worried about. Thought it would make me sick. I've also been ill a couple times this month - it's the pits. I hope you feel better asap.

MindLess said...

@ Shannon Rutherford: Yes, our minds tick very much alike! Night Vale is really cool and very funny, just try it out!

@ Geist Katze: Thank you, I'm not really sick, just feeling meh... But I'm looking forward to seeing the Hobbit tomorow, my boyfriend already got the tickets...