Friday, November 29, 2013

Week in Review 48/2013

What did I see?

Another episode of Bones. What can I say, I'm boring! ;)

What did I listen to?
Feindflug - Roter Schnee

What did I ask myself?
Where will I work 4 weeks from now?

What did I read?
"Das Kind" (="The child") by Simon Fitzek. Creepy and intense and strange, but I already recognize a specific style Fitzek uses. I might need more time between books...

What did I work on?
Nothing. I'm in a creative drain currently. *sigh*

I was happy about...
Next week I will be in Vienna with my mum!

I was annoyed about...
Why aren't the people responding to my job applications? At least tell me you are not interested!

I bought...

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