Monday, October 21, 2013

Jewelry haul

I have to admit, I'm currently a bit stressed out. And although I know that buying material stuff will not
help me to overcome my fear of the defence
lessen my stress level anyway
make my wallet happy,

I do find it makes me a little bit happier! I know that bird skulls are all the rage (or at least were so last year and are currently loosing popularity), but I wanted one anyway. *Wollmaus* has a really pretty one, I think Neisella also owns one or two and when I saw the shop Regalrose on Milktea's blog, I was finally settled on which one to buy. Even better yet: It was on sale!

 photo ST831931_zps6ab0c305.jpg

Besides the pretty necklace, I also bought a matching ring:

 photo ST831932_zps8f6276a7.jpg

 photo ST831933_zps91011a39.jpg
Size reference and proof that I'll never be a handmodell! ;)

And they also had other pretty stuff on sale! After filling my shopping basket with more stuff than my bank account could bear, I finally downgraded it to this earrings and matching bracelet with silvery bones:

 photo ST831936_zpsd9038fde.jpg

 photo ST831934_zps9d05b97d.jpg

 photo ST831935_zpsfcb7ed2c.jpg

I didn't pay less than 10 Euros this time (so it is not comparable to Chinese Ebay ^^), but the quality is really good. The jewelry has some weight but doesn't pull down your earlobes. There is no discolouration of the skin and not enough Nickle to make me react to it. Maybe next month I'll spare the shop Regalrose another visit?!

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