Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hamburg - travel journal 3

On our last day, we again had perfect weather. Blue sky, few clouds, warm sun and little wind. Our first stop was to visit the Michel, the most famous church in Hamburg. The actual name is St. Michaelis and visiting the church itself is free. The church is rather pretty with wide walls and little gold decoration with 5 impressive organs. There is also the option to climb the church tower and you should definitively do this! You can see a lot of Hamburg from up there and the price is okay (3 Euro with Hamburg card, 4 Euros without). The crypt was not as good, there were some old documents and grave decorations but it is in my mind not worth the price (3 Euros without Hamburg card or 4 Euros in combination with the Tower visit and Hamburg card).

 photo IMG_0453_zps659dec6c.jpg

 photo IMG_0418_zpsd562768e.jpg

 photo IMG_0428_zps7bd21fc1.jpg

When we walked through the pretty old houses you can see bird's view in the last picture, we discovered that we were close to Planten and Bloemen, a former plant exhibition that is now a regular park. Really cool, free and with lots of different sections. There is even a Japanese Tea house which offers tea ceremonies on Sundays!

 photo IMG_0463_zps7c870eac.jpg

We took a little stroll through St. Pauli and saw a shop which I would have loved to visit: "St. Paula" with glorious cupcakes and cakes on display! Unfortunately is is opened from Thursday to Sunday, so I'll go there next time!

 photo IMG_0482_zpsf28b1fcb.jpg

 photo IMG_0484_zpse20c2572.jpg

We took our lunch at the Landungsbrücken again to eat some more Hamburgian food: Krabbenbrötchen! It was nice to sit in the sun and eat some yummi Nordseekrabben!

We also visited the Panoptikum which is a German wax works exhibition. Some of the figures were pretty nice, but the exhibition was rather small and many of the VIP figures didn't look so much like the VIPs themselves... The horror section was exactly 4 figures and some splattered body parts. The entry fee was okay (4,50 Euro with Hamburg card, but I would recommend going there unless you have a serious interest in wax figures!

 photo IMG_0485_zps59c32b46.jpg

What I can recommend is the Thalia Cafe in the Europa Passage. There is not much of a cafe there (you can get some coffee from a machine yourself for 1,50 Euro), but the view on the Jungfernstiege and Binnenalster is great! In the same passage, there is also a cupcake decoration store with amazing stuff. I bought a little and could have bought so much more!

Before leaving, we wanted to eat some more and went to the Persian restaurant Qasr which was close to the hotel. The food was amazing and normally prized, so I can only recommend to go there when you are in Hamburg!

Then it was time to leave, we grabbed our stuff from the hotel, went to the train station and left Hamburg for this time. We will come back though!


Ms Misantropia said...

My uncle is German and my cousin used to live in Hamburg. We go every year, but only to visit the trade fair 'Early Bird', so I never really get to see much of the city.

I love how part of your travel record is chocolate and cupcakes - very essential!

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Lovely photos, I would love to visit Hamburg!

MindLess said...

@ Ms Misantropia: How nice that you could visit your relatives there! You should try visiting the city outside the fair, I fell in love when I was there first time years ago!

@ Vulcan_Butterfly: The city is lovely and even has a regular gothic party!