Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hamburg - travel journal 2

The next day we first went to the Kiloshop in Altona - a thrift shop where you pay clothes by the kilo. One kilo of clothes was 15 Euro. I bought two pants and a pullover, my boyfriend got a suit jacket (by Hugo Boss oO).

After that we went to Hachez Chocoversum, a museum for chocolate (for 12-13 Euro with Hamburg card). You get a 90 minute guided tour which explains how you make chocolate from chocolate beans and - best thing about this  museum- get to make your individual chocolate! You get some melted milk chocolate and can add diverse toppings to make it better!

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Next we were a little hungry for something savory after trying what felt like half a kilogramme of chocolate. Really close to the Chocoversum is the Chilehaus which houses the Suppenladen, a little restaurant that only serves soups. The offer 8 different soups in two sizes for very little money (4-6 Euro). The soup was delicious and the large sized chili con carne was too much food even for my boyfriend!

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We then brought our bags and chocolates back to the hotel because there was a Görtz outlet next to the hotel and I wanted to check that for what else than shoes? Of course I fell in love with one pair of shoes - they are blue booties made from real leather and were only 30 Euros! My boyfriend also saw some shoes but didn't end up buying them...

Our next stop was the Museum of Photograpy which conveniently has lowered entrance fees on Tuesday afternoon (4,50 Euro past 4 p.m.), but  when we were at the entrance my lovely boyfriend decided that he didn't want to visit the museum after all as it was more about artitistic pictures than about how to take them. So we just sat outside the museum in the Strandkörbe in front of a little restaurant in the bright and warm sunshine. It was lovely!

Then we went to the Speicherstadt where the sweetest boyfriend of them all took a million pictures of waterways and old storage buildings.

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Surprisingly, we were hungry again and decided to hunt for a typical Northern restaurant with lots of fish meals! We ended up in the Kontor and the food was great! My boyfriend had Scholle and hashed browns, I has Tagliatelle with tomato cream sauce and crayfish. The restaurant is really cute with lots of decorations from boats, definetively recommended!

And then we went on to the final stop of the day: The Miniatur Wunderland! For my foreign readers: This is a immensely detailed model railway. Sounds boring? No, it was amazing! They built models of the alps which were up to 5 meters high, had a model of Las Vegas and the Grand Canion, a whole airport with landing machines... It was great! If you plan to go there, I can recommend a reservation over Internet - not only does this give you 10% discount (we ended up paying 11 Euro each with Hamburg Card and pre-reservation discount), you can also avoid waiting in long lines. I can also recommend going there on Tuesday evening when the Wunderland is open until 9 p.m.. We spent 3 hours there and the area was not overly crowded with people...

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Finally we went back to the hotel and crashed into our beds with burning feet!

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