Monday, October 7, 2013

Hamburg - travel journal 1

Last week I spent a few day with my boyfriend (who took all the amazing pictures in this and the upcoming blog entries!) in Hamburg, one of my favourite German cities! Unlike Berlin, staying in Hamburg is rather expensive even on youth hostel level. We got an amazing deal and spent only 160 Euro per person on the train trip and hotel for 3 days.

As soon as we arrived, we bought the Hamburg card which allowed us to use public transport for three days and had additional boni when visiting museums or sights (22 Euro). If you are still a student and therefore recieve reduced entrance fees anyway, buying three single day tickets might be cheaper though...

On the first day, we tried to follow a little walking tour in one of the travel guides I borrowed from my family. We are avid travelers to nordic cities, preferable by the sea. One of my uncles even has his own boat! The tour started at the town hall and walked us through the inner city via Gänsemarkt, Jungfernstieg and the main churches of Hamburg (free).

 photo IMG_0011_zpsf5680475.jpg

 photo IMG_0015_zpsdd8c9d19.jpg

Then we went to the Landungsbrücken (harbour for the touristic ships) and took a first look at the Elbe. The public transport also has some boats to connect all parts of the harbour which you can use with a regular ticket. We took the line 62 which did a 1 hour round trip through the harbour (free with Hamburg card)!

 photo IMG_0152_zps3eda0170.jpg

After resting our feet a bit on the ship, we walked underneath the Elbe through the old Elbtunnel (free) and took a little peek at the other side of the harbour.

 photo IMG_0096_zps3316d41d.jpg

Our next and last stop of the day was the infamous Reeperbahn. Since Hamburg is a harbour city where lots of sailors go on land visits, they want to fulfill their "needs". So very close to the harbour, there is a lot of gambling halls and brothels which are conveniently located on one street: The Reeperbahn. We got some food in a horrible food place called "Die Scheune" (don't go there). We bought some cheap beer at the Esso gas station (which is often seen on TV) and walked up and down the street for a little while. After that we just went home to our warm and comfy hotel beds...


Mara Macabre said...

Kommt mir so bekannt vor *g*
Bin ja nur jeden Tag in HH ;)
In der Scheune war ich aber noch nie(zum Glück!?)

MindLess said...

@ Mara Macabre: Scheinbar - laut Internet-Rezensionen - kann man in der Scheune auch Glück haben. Nur die Pizza ist echt scheußlich! Und du kennst bestimmt genug gute Läden in deiner Hemiatstadt...

Ich hätte auch nach einem NuS Treffen fragen können, aber wir hatten nur so wenig Zeit. Ein anderes Mal!