Wednesday, September 25, 2013

There is no "too much" in Victorian Decoration

Edit: I thought this post went published on Wednesday and was kind of wondering that there were no replies. Seems like Blogger messed this up...

Today, *wollmaus* visited me and helped me a lot with the decoration on my fall tornure outfit. She made some magic Ikebana with all the stuff I bought and created two side pieces for my skirt:

 photo ST831905_zpsc2d2e57b.jpg

 photo ST831903_zpse321d6a0.jpg

Instead of my usual crappy hot glue gun jobs, these flowers are mainly sewn on by hand! Thank you so much for your incredible help, I had a wonderful time with you! Meanwhile, I made a hat to wear with the tornure:

 photo ST831901_zpsed2bcd98.jpg

 photo ST831902_zpsece69e7c.jpg

Here, the hot glue gun went full force, I think nothing can ever remove these flowers from the base! ^^ I have a question for you guys: I realized I didn't have much matching jewelry for my outfit to wear on the ball on Saturday. I will try to buy something in the city (I don't have any pieces for jewelry making, neither), but these two necklaces might work. Should I use one of these or try to find something else?

 photo ST831906_zps28dcfe30.jpg


Shannon Rutherford said...

The first necklace is awesome, I'd go for that :D
By the way those pieces are so lovely; their colours are so fit for autumn, plus they're very elegant. Really nice job :)

MindLess said...

Thanks for your comment, but my mum was here and convinced me of the other necklace. I had better matching earrings!

Wollmaus said...

It was fun! *hugs* I love crafting with you.

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

I can't wait to see the full outfit!!

MindLess said...

@ Wollmaus: Me too!

@ Vulcan_Butterfly: Thanks, girl!