Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Picture frame remodel

In my favourite sewing forum, someone announced that Zeeman (a rather cheap store here in Germany and the Netherlands) had baroque style picture frames. Actually, the had them in black as well, but I only made it to the store 3 days after the sales were announced and so only red ones were left. I paid about 12 Euros for 3 large and 4 smaller frames:

 photo ST831880_zps96597321.jpg

As you can see, the red frames looked rather cheap and don't match our flat at all. But since I'm into DIY, I decided to paint them black (Yes, I integrated a Rolling Stones reference. Go me!)!

 photo ST831883_zps3945d9b3.jpg

 photo ST831881_zpsedb3f357.jpg

 photo ST831882_zps521873eb.jpg

 photo ST831884_zps49f1007f.jpg

 photo ST831887_zps5d53aa91.jpg

After three hours of drying time, I sealed the frames with clear spray paint. And as both colours were in my stash, the project didn't cost me anything besides the frames. Now they are ready to hang!


Dayana Silveira said...

Loved your DIY , it was so pretty, i'm jealousy u.u kiding XD

I'm following you, if you want follow me ♡♥♡

MindLess said...

@ Dayana Silveira: Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I found some ornate Victorian picture frames recently at an antique store only they were gold. I painted mine black as well! Good stuff. Yours look great. :-)

MindLess said...

@ Geist Katze: I'd love to own real antique ones, but those are so expensive at the flea markets...