Monday, September 30, 2013

Autumn tornure - ballroom outfit

First things first, I didn't fully finish the day outfit for the fall tornure, there is still the lining to do. On the other hand, the ball outfit was ready to wear when I had to go on Saturday! So I call that a win and will return to the day outfit once I return from my vacation...

I threw together the top pretty quick and dirty. It is based on my usual corset pattern, but while searching for all the necessary ingredients for a true corset I discovered that I didn't have enough spiral steel. And since flat steel bones are rather uncomfortable, I went for the thin 5mm ones. And those are not quite capable of keeping in my sweet little tummy... So I was lazy and did the top with only two layers and wore a corset underneath.

The flower decoration was again done by the lovely *wollmaus* and sewn on by hand. I was also out of hot glue otherwise it would have been even more quick and dirty! ;D

 photo IMG_0025_zps6659c7fe.jpg

 photo IMG_0066_zps83325a1a.jpg

 photo IMG_0030_zps72f5e71b.jpg

 photo IMG_0034_zps090e6fdc.jpg

As you can see, I wore the green and red necklace and did a nice little fall makeup. The ball was really nice, I arrived a little late due to the mini photo shoot with my boyfriend (thanks so much, honey!) and missed some of the acts. But I still saw three belly dance and tribal dance performances, a burlesque dancer and the band Violet Steam Experience. But the main fun was meeting Nachtkatze, Neisella, Niniel Chan and their boyfriends/husbands. We had a lot of fun dancing and chatting, even though the music was not fully my style... The location was also pretty nice with a real ball room with high ceiling and a chandelier!

BTW, I'm now in Hamburg for a couple of days which means scheduled posts and longer response times for comments. Sorry guys!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Vampire cupcake fail?!

I tried to make the really cool Vampire's bite cupcakes from the "Zombie Cupcake" Recipe book in preparation for the upcoming Halloween party. They were okay, but not really a win:

  1. the dough was rather dry
  2. the cream on top was fine, but needed extra flour to thicken
  3. the cherry cream looked more like snot than blood
I'll definetively retry!

 photo IMG_20130927_185138_zps7215e49a.jpg

 photo IMG_20130922_115024_zps3749c9f5.jpg

Friday, September 27, 2013

Week in Review 39/2013

What did I see?
A modern Rafaelit, a current artist who paints like the old masters: Roberto Ferri! (NSFW)

Also, the Red Dot Museum of contemporary design. Surprisingly, my boyfriend suggested this and we both enjoyed it. Usually, I have to pull his hair to get him into anything cultural which doesn't involve blood or jokes... And I started to watch Hannibal and American Horror Story. I didn't like American Horror stories - just not my kind of Horror- but I watched the first season of Hannibal during sewing! Love it!

What did I listen to?
Avici with "Wake me up". Maybe not what everyone expects from a goth, but the song is catchy and nice!

What did I ask myself?
How long until Halloween? ^^

What did I read?
More Simon Fitzek. And some random EBooks on the Kindle...

What did I work on?
Another Victorian Outfit.

I was happy about...

I was annoyed about...

I bought...
Eyeliner and some decoration and fabric.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tornure in progress - Day outfit

Today I made real progress: I finished the skirt parts (thanks to *wollmaus* again for the lovely decoration) and did most of the day waistcoat:

 photo ST831913_zps3f598562.jpg

 photo ST831914_zps1f4b2217.jpg

No there is only this on my list:
  1. Neckline for the day waistcoat
  2. Sleeves for the day waistcoat 
  3. Lining for the day waistcoat (you can see some peeking out in the first picture)
  4. Ball taille (oh noes! -.-)
  5. Boning and eyelets
  6. Underskirt

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

There is no "too much" in Victorian Decoration

Edit: I thought this post went published on Wednesday and was kind of wondering that there were no replies. Seems like Blogger messed this up...

Today, *wollmaus* visited me and helped me a lot with the decoration on my fall tornure outfit. She made some magic Ikebana with all the stuff I bought and created two side pieces for my skirt:

 photo ST831905_zpsc2d2e57b.jpg

 photo ST831903_zpse321d6a0.jpg

Instead of my usual crappy hot glue gun jobs, these flowers are mainly sewn on by hand! Thank you so much for your incredible help, I had a wonderful time with you! Meanwhile, I made a hat to wear with the tornure:

 photo ST831901_zpsed2bcd98.jpg

 photo ST831902_zpsece69e7c.jpg

Here, the hot glue gun went full force, I think nothing can ever remove these flowers from the base! ^^ I have a question for you guys: I realized I didn't have much matching jewelry for my outfit to wear on the ball on Saturday. I will try to buy something in the city (I don't have any pieces for jewelry making, neither), but these two necklaces might work. Should I use one of these or try to find something else?

 photo ST831906_zps28dcfe30.jpg

Monday, September 23, 2013

Sneak preview and a little shopping trip

This week will be mostly spent relaxing and sewing. I'd like to participate in a contest for Bernina sewing and overlock machines which is titled "Autumn favourites" (German). You have to sew something for fall, take pretty pictures and upload them on a facebook page. I visited Nachtkatze yesterday (thanks again, Darling for the lovely day!) who reminded me of a historical ball in Bonn this Saturday. I wanted to sew some tornure anyway, so I'll just make another Taille and be ready to go!

Today I bought some decoration and ordered the fabric for the underskirt which is bright red (fake) dupioni silk:

 photo ST831900_zps763b394a.jpg

Today also two patterns arrived today which I ordered some time ago in the States. I will not use them now, but I'd love to do another outfit soon... ^^

 photo ST831891_zps4ac1d323.jpg

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Zombies run! - 5k training

Quite some time ago, I presented the "Zombies, run!" App. Meanwhile they introduced newer features like building a base and a ton of new missions, I really like the app and use it every week. But they also offer a beginners app which is actually free to download (at least for android, I'm not sure about Iphone)!

You start out in Abel town as a survivor of a plane crash and get three missions a week (always the same mission repeated thrice) which bring you from lazy couch potato to run 5 kilometers. I really liked the app, you can also use it as speed training when you run when it says walk and run faster when you should run!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Week in Review 38/2013

What did I see?
New Episodes of Bones, Crossing lines and Criminal Minds. My plan of staying away from the TV didn't work that well, I guess...

What did I listen to?
Sherlock Holmes Episodes on Youtube (in German)

What did I ask myself?
Why am I so tired?

What did I read?
Not a single line which was not work related...

What did I work on?
Work, work and work.

I was happy about...
Having two weeks off. Starting tomorrow!

I was annoyed about...
Me. Somehow I can never finish stuff!

I bought...
Halloween decoration for Neisella! ^^

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Picture frame remodel

In my favourite sewing forum, someone announced that Zeeman (a rather cheap store here in Germany and the Netherlands) had baroque style picture frames. Actually, the had them in black as well, but I only made it to the store 3 days after the sales were announced and so only red ones were left. I paid about 12 Euros for 3 large and 4 smaller frames:

 photo ST831880_zps96597321.jpg

As you can see, the red frames looked rather cheap and don't match our flat at all. But since I'm into DIY, I decided to paint them black (Yes, I integrated a Rolling Stones reference. Go me!)!

 photo ST831883_zps3945d9b3.jpg

 photo ST831881_zpsedb3f357.jpg

 photo ST831882_zps521873eb.jpg

 photo ST831884_zps49f1007f.jpg

 photo ST831887_zps5d53aa91.jpg

After three hours of drying time, I sealed the frames with clear spray paint. And as both colours were in my stash, the project didn't cost me anything besides the frames. Now they are ready to hang!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Short notice: TK Maxx Essen has Halloween Decoration!

Just to inform the people from the Ruhr Area: TK Maxx in Essen (Germany) has the first Halloween decoration items!

 photo IMG_20130911_161013_zps58ae39f3.jpg

One of the large skulls (the glittery silver one) is already gone, he moved in with me for a mere 7.99 Euros! When I asked if there would be more stuff coming, the reply was "We get new articles every day, but we never know what we get!", so it might be worth your time to visit the store once per week?! I guess I'll be taking another trip next week to find a companion for my new friend Yorick! ^^

Monday, September 16, 2013

Camera Obscura in Mülheim/Ruhr

Recently, we visited the Camera Obscura in Mülheim an der Ruhr. The Camera and the Museum of antique movies are located in an old water tower which was used to provide steam powered trains with the water the need to produce steam:

 photo ST831823_zps03a4be66.jpg

 photo ST831839_zpsce6fb964.jpg

The are is a little park near the Broich castle, which is also rather pretty but run over by marriages in summer. I think we saw around 3 during the 20 minutes we wlked through the castle... Anyway, the Camera obscura was located in the highest level of the water tower and the three stories underneath it were a museum about the development from shadow plays with stick figures to moving pictures. We saw a lot of amazing stuff:

 photo ST831829_zps50db362b.jpg

 photo ST831831_zpsfe1b9805.jpg

This is a picture made from raw porcelain, if you turn on the light, the thickness of the porcelain creates darker or lighter shades!

 photo ST831834_zpsa3d2bba9.jpg

These 3D pictures were about 1m long with several layers. You have to look through a small hole in front and can see the the scenery as if it was in three dimensions. Feels like you are directly looking at the Arc de Triumphe in Paris aged 1850!

 photo ST831833_zpsf52d7e6a.jpg

They also had warped pictures that could only be seen clear when looking at a mirror rod.

 photo ST831835_zpscaefa4a7.jpg

These barrels with slits are the first moving pictures. When spinning the barrel, you can see the pictures drawn on the inside through the slits. The pictures have consecutive movements, so the figure on them seems to move.

 photo ST831837_zps799c0ea5.jpg

They even had thumb movies! I remember drawing them on school books (sorry!) when I was young, but mine were never longer than 20 pictures. This one had a thousand pages!

The camera obscura itself works like a periscope in a submarine. A mirror on top of the building is used to capture the light and surroundings and reflects everything on a plane white surface. In older times, many artists used such camerae obscurae to draw amazingly natural landscapes. Old fakers! ^^ I was really surprised how much details were visible and how much we were able to see when the mirror was moved!

All in all, we had a lot of fun. The entrance fee is 4,50 Euro, which really isn't that expensive. If you have a Ruhrtopcard, it's free of charge!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Week in Review 37/2013

What did I see?
Art by Nathalie Shau. Dreamlike, creepy and fantastic:

What did I listen to?
This amazing video about being Goth-blocked ^^:

What did I ask myself?
Does less TV really increase my creativity so much?

What did I read?
I read "Die Therapie" (= the therapy) by Sebastian Fitzek. A rather creepy and disturbing thriller! I didn't find out whether it is translated to English, but I can recommend it to my German readers!
I also finished "Judastöchter" (=Judas' daughters) by Markus Heitz, which is about vampires and werewolves. Unfortunately I found out while reading that this is the fifth book of a series, so now that I liked this one I will need to lay my hands on the rest! ;)

What did I work on?
Some jewelry and painting frames.

I was happy about...
Having three new gerbils at home! A mum with two daughters, all albinos. So cute!

I was annoyed about...
My work. I'm so ready for holidays, only one more week to go!

I bought...
Some stuff at the flea market, a skull and picture frames.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Day 29 – What do you think will happen to Goth in the future?

I don't know. It seems to me as if there is a trend to go back to the origins at the moment, with more black, more lace and more velvet.

There might be return of the dreaded crushed velvet, which I find rather cheap looking and horrible to sew.

I see that even in Cyber, the amount of neon colours is fading and a general trend to black and white is obvious.

Steampunk might be visible for thenext few years, but then return to be a small subscene.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Day 28 – Do you consider yourself an eldergoth?

I don't know, am I? I first looked up the definition of Eldergoth in the Urban Dictionary:

A goth who has been part of the subculture since it originally came about, or a goth over the age of 40.
 According to this definition I'm not an Eldergoth. I'm neither over 40 nor was I around when goth became a scene in the 80s.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Day 27 – The worst thing you ever did to a newbie.

I'm not evil. I do not do mean stuff unless provoked. I might have judged outfit and appearance, but usually Newbies give me warm feelings in the chest and remind me how great it was to encounter the gothic scene when I was young.

So instead of the worst thing, I'd like to tell you a story how I helped a newbie to better style. I was sitting in the Matrix with a friend and we were people watching. A baby bat was coming down the stairs in full baby bat dress (pleather coat, velvet shirt, swirls around his eyes, white facepaint -not on the ears and neck- and black lip stick). I said something to my friend about the outfit, especially the black lipstick which I find horrible on almost all people. The baby bat heard me talking and came to our table. He asked why we were discussing the outfit he wore.

And my friend and I told him about also putting on make up behind the ears and on the neck, that black lipstick is hard to pull off and how nostalgic we were when seeing him walking around like that. We then told him aout our rookie mistakes (mismatching stripes was my favourite! ^^) and when we met him next time, he had much more style! Win for all of us... ;)