Monday, August 19, 2013

Stripey errors

I know I mostly present pretty and finished stuff here on my blog. I really love reading about ongoing projects in other blogs, but somehow I fail to do the same on mine. This is mainly for two reasons:

1) I always forget to take "In progress" pictures. I'm quite a quick worker, so once I start sewing, I usually get a lot done in relatively little time. Ask Neisella if you don't believe me! ^^
2) When a garment or project really frustrates me, I either cut it up and put it in the trash (has happened in the past *blush*) or hide it in my UFO pile before I can cut it up.

I hardly produce wadders anymore - I usually notice before I'm done and stop sewing, so I can either recycle the fabric or just throw it out. But don't think I never make sewing mistakes! I have so far
  • sewn sleeves into any possible hole of the garment
  • forgotten about closures and then had to improvise with hook and eye tape because there was not enough fabric for a zipper
  • forgotten about the changes I usually do with patterns from companies (Burda: elongate lower parts and sleeves, Simplicity: sew 1-2 sizes smaller that my actual size,...)
  • Used the wrong fabric - although that happens more seldom nowadays
  • cut patterns the wrong size (mostly too large)
The skirt I present to you is one of these "cut too large" fails. I measured my waist and wanted to make an 8 piece skirt, so I divided my measurement by 8. Only to then use this 1/8th measurement twice per piece on the fabric. I realised my stupid mistake when I ran out of fabric after 6 pieces for my 8 piece skirt. Oops...

But I was lucky: Instead of having too little fabric to cover my waist, my mistake left me with enough fabric to ruffle it a bit on the waist and still have a fitting skirt (as 6 times 2/8th is actually 1.5 ;) ):

 photo ST831772_zpsb3241952.jpg

I only added 2 lanes of lace to the otherwise plain skirt and voila - another saved project!

 photo ST831777_zps842a97a1.jpg

 photo ST831778_zps05586292.jpg


Neisella Nightmare said...

Wunderschön <3

Und ja, kann ich bestätigen ^.^

MindLess said...

@ Neisi: Vielen Dank, Süße! Ich freu mich schon auf Freitag und Samstag... *knuddel*

Wollmaus said...

So schön!! Und fast schon alltagstauglich...

MindLess said...

@ Wollmaus: Danke! Aber fürs Labor doch ein bisschen unpraktisch! ^^