Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fabric market in Oberhausen

This Saturday I was actually planning to meet Neisella for another one of our infamous sewing dates. But unfortunately she had horrible head ache and so the sewing date fell flat. On the very same Saturday, the fabric market happened to be in Oberhausen. Although I asked around who wanted to participate I went there alone in the end.

I was not expecting a lot as the last fabric markets were boring, stuffed with people and horribly expensive. This time, the crowd was small, there were pretty fabrics for 2,50 Euros and I had a really good time. All in all I spent around 40 Euros for all of this:

 photo ST831799_zps838749dc.jpg
Cooked wool, originally 2m, not after wash only about 1.4m

 photo ST831801_zpsc330c8b5.jpg
Two types of grey jersey, the darker one is actually rather thin, after washing. Sometimes fabrics surprise you! ^^

 photo ST831802_zpsead2a8a2.jpg
Another two jerseys...

 photo ST831804_zpsbd36be00.jpg
The teal one is another jersey, the patterned fabric is cotton weave

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