Saturday, August 31, 2013

Zombie Saturday - Zombees! ^^

Day 19 – Share beauty advise and take a photo of your make up.

Huh. Beauty advise... I think I should write something besides "Always take off your make up at night, always moisturize and always use sunscreen!". Actually, I'm not keen on all of this stuff. I know my skin gets better when I DO take off my make up at night and moisturize. I only use sunscreen when I'm on holiday or know that I will stay outside for prolongued periods of time. So I'm not a good example...

So, beauty it is. I wear make up daily, but only the very natural stuff to avoid being asked if I'm sick. A little powder, a little rouge, I redraw my eyebrows and put on a little mascara. Takes me about three minutes in the morning! Here is how I look:

 photo ST831808_zpsf096c7a5.jpg

For nights out, my make up is also more out there. I do add bats or stars, draw a lot around my eyes, wear dark lipstick (but never black!). Make up for me is a part of the outfit and can even "make up" an otherwise plain and boring dress. It is a kind of art and I see it as a kind of painting with lower lasting power. So do whatever you like with make up, try it out at home if you are unsure. If you don't dare to wear red lipstick because you think it might look strange, remember that all the people that meet you have never seen you without it. They don't know you without the make up, so they won't judge you wearing it!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Day 18 – Worst hair experience.

My worst hair experience was actually running around with yellow coloured hair for a day until I was able to buy another hair colour. I thought I'd try yellow for a while since I had tried about every other colour, but it made me look horrible. Of course I didn't take any pictures! But I can show you some pictures of some of my past hair colours:

 photo JD600465.jpg

lene pink photo JD600166-1.jpg

 photo lenelila_zps4620df44.jpg

 photo lenefee_zps5d6e704e.jpg

 photo 4395_big_zpscd6fef0a.jpg

It is kind of sad that I don't have more pictures, because I had hair in every colour of the rainbow, sometimes even more than one colour at a time. During my Bachelor's thesis my Professor asked me whether my ever changing hair colours would impact the behavioural experiments with the mice... ^^

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Day 17 – Your favourite Goth brand.

I'm more into independent brands than the big ones. Since I already mentioned Vecona and Johanna Macht in one of my other posts, I'll say my favourite brand is Re-Agenz which is owned by a fellow forum member, Wu.

It is focussed on cyber style without neon colours, I like their unique style and find them high quality and comfortable...

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My second photoshoot ever

One of my colleagues is a professional photographer and since my co-workers know about my historical sewing, he asked me to do a photo shoot with one of my dresses. This weekend, in the unholy hours of the morning, we turned this plan into reality. And I must say again, that I'm surprised how pretty I can look even without Photoshop! By the way, thanks again Nachtkatze for your wonderful cape, it kept me warm and comfy and looked great...

 photo NO0A0994_zps68d24139.jpg

 photo NO0A1055_zps02ecdfcb.jpg

 photo NO0A1100_zps240af62f.jpg

 photo NO0A1103_zps413c87b7.jpg

 photo NO0A1123_zps1c7fb859.jpg

 photo NO0A1183_zps26ea5a7c.jpg

Day 16 – What's the most casual you've ever dressed?

Well... Actually, I took a picture for you in my sexy sweatpants and t-shirt:

 photo 20130820_184135_zpscc3e4b7f.jpg

I wear this at home after working out at the gym. But I don't mind my friends seeing me like this! ^^

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fabric market in Oberhausen

This Saturday I was actually planning to meet Neisella for another one of our infamous sewing dates. But unfortunately she had horrible head ache and so the sewing date fell flat. On the very same Saturday, the fabric market happened to be in Oberhausen. Although I asked around who wanted to participate I went there alone in the end.

I was not expecting a lot as the last fabric markets were boring, stuffed with people and horribly expensive. This time, the crowd was small, there were pretty fabrics for 2,50 Euros and I had a really good time. All in all I spent around 40 Euros for all of this:

 photo ST831799_zps838749dc.jpg
Cooked wool, originally 2m, not after wash only about 1.4m

 photo ST831801_zpsc330c8b5.jpg
Two types of grey jersey, the darker one is actually rather thin, after washing. Sometimes fabrics surprise you! ^^

 photo ST831802_zpsead2a8a2.jpg
Another two jerseys...

 photo ST831804_zpsbd36be00.jpg
The teal one is another jersey, the patterned fabric is cotton weave

Day 15 – Your favourite or most expensive item in your wardrobe.

All my selfmade stuff is basically unvaluable as they are made to fit and will not be sold. I don't have favourites or rather, my favourites are depending on my mood... But the most expensive item in my wardrobe are my New Rock boots:

Monday, August 26, 2013

Games Con in Cologne

On Thursday, my boyfriend and I visited the Games Con in Cologne. We did so some years ago (I think it was 2010, before Diablo 3 was released) and thought it was a nice way to try out new games or expansion sets. This year. it was full:

 photo ST831785_zpsd5ca4c41.jpg

Very full:

 photo ST831780_zpsafae1d41.jpg

It was so full actually, that the only thing we tested was some boring game on the Wii U. Although I'm a Nintendo girl, the Wii U is not really interesting for me. I can hardly focus on one screen, let alone another one in my hand! ^^

 photo ST831779_zpse16c8648.jpg

The only thing that really interested me was the ball pond. Which unfortunately was not even open on Thursday! Since the fair was so crowded and we are "Getting to old for this shit!", we decided to spend the rest of the day in Cologne City...

 photo ST831790_zps104a6bd8.jpg

 photo ST831789_zpsf5847a68.jpg

 photo ST831788_zpsf749d97a.jpg

Day 14 – What was your best and worst DIY disaster?

Oh... Well, I don't wnat to judge my own projects. I always like the current one best, so right now, my favourite DIY is:

And my worst DIY? Probably something I never finished and threw awy in anger. Don't think I always finish everything and everything I do turns out pretty! ^^ So the last wadder I took a picture of is this one:

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Day 13 – What was your first band t-shirt?

My first ever shirt was this shirt:

I bought it on my first ever concert which was -as the band shirt- Subway to Sally, a German folk metal band. I still like their old stuff, but somewhen in the last -um 15 *cough* years, they developed in a direction that I don't like any longer...

Friday, August 23, 2013

Day 11 – Is Goth a lifestyle for you?

As you may know if you read this blog for a little while is that I'm a weekend Goth. My job and my rather conservative co-workers limit the amount of gothy stuff I can wear during the week, so I go full out on the weekends! ^^

I find it hard to describe what holds the gothic subculture together, so defining if goth is a lifestyle is problematic. Are you only a goth if your favourite band is the Cure? Are black clothes worn every day a criterion? Is it a love for bats and skeletons necessary? Do you need to own a spikey collar?

I do visit Goth festival at least once a year, I go to Goth clubs, many of my friends are gothic. I do own an excessive black and gothic wardrobe although I don't wear it every day. I love spooky novels and decorations. I think I'm a Goth, but I can honestly not say why. So I can't answer this question...

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Day 10 – What do you hate and love about the subculture?

What I love about Gothics is that they are pretty much tolerant for strange stuff. Cross dressers, trans genders, people with depression or other psychological diseases, people with strange body art - all are welcome to join and not looked down upon. This does not mean that Gothics are never harsh or mean or that everyone is tolerant towards everyone and everything! There will be talk and there will be stares, but in my eyes, those are in lower frequency than in the general population...

What I hate about Gothics is their tendency to feel superior to "normal people". Sorry little dark butterfly, you are not unique with your dark poetry and listening to the Cure does not make you better than Average Joe. Gothics are not better or worse than other (sub-)groups. There are nice and bad people in every group!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

And another one bites the dust...

Since our little Gerbil Spike left us yesterday to live on the other side of the rainbow bridge, we are currently without furry children. Since I'm rather sad, please understand that for some time there will be only scheduled posts...

Byebye, my furry friend!

Day 9 – What genre of music do you dislike?

Huh, that is hard. I do have a music taste which is pretty much all over the place. I like Combichrist and Aqua, ASP and Queen, Metallica and Seeed!. So a whole genre I don't like a single song from is pretty hard find!

Maybe women discrimination American HipHop? Because I don't like discriminating music and songs about b*tches who should shake their *sses to the music while the gangster rapper drinks champagne really grind my gears...

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Day 8 – What's your worst and best experience with non-Goths?

I think this question is rather discriminating, don't you think? I can imagine that the original poster wanted to ask about bullying experiments and how other people respect you despite being goth. But as I mentioned before, I rarely have and had negative encounters because of the clothes I wear or the music I like. There are horrible and nice people in all the "scenes", not only Gothic or Alternative, HipHop or Techno. So while I had bad experiences with "normal" people, I can say so for every other subgroup as well!

The worst thing I remember is a woman on the train to WGT who continuously asked me, whether I sleep in coffins and was generally annoying and nosey. I kept my calm, but she really was not stopping to ask so I ended up ignoring her completely for 1 hour of the 3 hour train ride...

The best thing I remember was a little girl on a bus. At that time I had pink and purple coloured hair and wore a long black skirt. The little girl asked me "Are you a princess?" and when I agreed, she turned to her mother and said "When I grow up, I also want to be a princess!". She was just too cute!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Stripey errors

I know I mostly present pretty and finished stuff here on my blog. I really love reading about ongoing projects in other blogs, but somehow I fail to do the same on mine. This is mainly for two reasons:

1) I always forget to take "In progress" pictures. I'm quite a quick worker, so once I start sewing, I usually get a lot done in relatively little time. Ask Neisella if you don't believe me! ^^
2) When a garment or project really frustrates me, I either cut it up and put it in the trash (has happened in the past *blush*) or hide it in my UFO pile before I can cut it up.

I hardly produce wadders anymore - I usually notice before I'm done and stop sewing, so I can either recycle the fabric or just throw it out. But don't think I never make sewing mistakes! I have so far
  • sewn sleeves into any possible hole of the garment
  • forgotten about closures and then had to improvise with hook and eye tape because there was not enough fabric for a zipper
  • forgotten about the changes I usually do with patterns from companies (Burda: elongate lower parts and sleeves, Simplicity: sew 1-2 sizes smaller that my actual size,...)
  • Used the wrong fabric - although that happens more seldom nowadays
  • cut patterns the wrong size (mostly too large)
The skirt I present to you is one of these "cut too large" fails. I measured my waist and wanted to make an 8 piece skirt, so I divided my measurement by 8. Only to then use this 1/8th measurement twice per piece on the fabric. I realised my stupid mistake when I ran out of fabric after 6 pieces for my 8 piece skirt. Oops...

But I was lucky: Instead of having too little fabric to cover my waist, my mistake left me with enough fabric to ruffle it a bit on the waist and still have a fitting skirt (as 6 times 2/8th is actually 1.5 ;) ):

 photo ST831772_zpsb3241952.jpg

I only added 2 lanes of lace to the otherwise plain skirt and voila - another saved project!

 photo ST831777_zps842a97a1.jpg

 photo ST831778_zps05586292.jpg

Day 7 – Ten of your favourite goth bands.

Now it's going to be emberessing... I'm firmly in the scene, I visit the festivals but my taste in music is less focussed on "true" gothic music like the cure (they are in alphabetic order):
  1. ASP - Lovely voice, intriguing artist and interesting aesthtics and artwork. My favourite song would be "Ich will brennen"
  2. Combichrist - Hard to avoid when on the dancefloor in a gothic club! I love to dance and run to this music, it really gets my *ss into gear... - listen to "Get your body beat" and try not to dance, I dare you!
  3. Crüxshadows - A lovely live band, the singer is very active and climbs into the ceiling during the show. An everlasting favourite is "Marilyn my Bitterness".
  4. Deine Lakaien - I love Veljanov's voice! They have intelligent lyrics and have been in the scene since forever! My favourite song is "Into my arms", which is rather old but a song I could listen to endlessely...
  5. Faun - More quiet and medieval, but really cool on a rainy day. Also an exceptional live band where even the first warming up is better than full concerts by other bands. Please listen to "Punagra"!
  6. Feindflug - Not really goth, many people who listen to them are into really right wing politics (although the band strictly say they are rather left wing), but Feindflug are really deep. Their music consists of so many layers of sound that come and go, flow into each other and combine to a larger whole. Plus they are great for dancing! ^^ The most famous song probably is "AK47".
  7. Rotersand - Highly dance-able and a really good live band. I saw several concerts and will visit more in future. Here, I would recommend "Exterminate, Annihilate, Destroy"!
  8. Samsas Traum - I know that the lead singer Alexander Kaschte is batshit crazy. But the songs are crazy in a good way and really interesting. A typical example (and a d*mn good song) would be "Kugel im Gesicht".
  9. VNV nation - They are great for dancing and the concerts are amazing! The song I like best is "Illusion" which is more calm than most of their pieces...
  10. Welle Erdball - Retro-futuristic sound, 8 bit music, a fantastic show and  critical songs about society. Maybe try "Schweben, fliegen und fallen" for a first taste.