Saturday, July 20, 2013

Zombie Saturday - World War Z

I thought it might be nice to give you a short review on World War Z as the movie is still in the cinemas and you might like a cold refuge in the cinema with air con during these hot days! If you are in for a movie with zombies, have either a love or hate relationship with Brad Pitt (I don't like him, but he gets beaten up, bitten and terrified, which makes the movie all the better for me...) and are in for a short paced action movie, this is the trailer:

If you read the book, don't expect much of the story to be the same in the movie. Actually, unless you count the zombies, it's more or less just the title. The book is much, much better than the movie! But then again, the book doesn't have air condition! ;)

The story is quickly told: Gerry lane is in Philadelphia with his family and witnesses a Zombie outbreak. He is a trained special force member and gets recruited by the US Navy to find the origin of the disease or better yet a cure. For his service his family can stay on a ship, far away from dangerous, coterminous zombies. Then he travels a lot and behaves rather stupid:
  •  He doesn't tell anyone what he found out about zombies
  • he makes really strange assumptions that by chance turn out to be true (for example when he sees the people avoided by zombies and "just knows" they are sick)
  • He obviously is rather reactive and pain resistant, but still one should rest a bit more after serious injuries
Another thing that really annoyed me is the WHO laboratory. Obviously, neither the director nor the screenwriter have ever been near a laboratory since High School. Real scientists label their little tubes for everyone to read, so you don't have blindly inject whatever looks nice to you into your veins.  Unknown samples are treated with the highest possible danger category, which is certainly not "using gloves and putting it on a normal desk" - to avoid infections! The diseases they talk about (highly infectious bacteriae and virae) are only worked with under extreme conditions - for us human scientists. We have to wear suits that cut us off from the room air and have their own oxygen. Never ever would samples of such dangerous materials lie around in a glass room without a sterile clean bench! And the infectious bacteriae and virae only live in cell cultures which do look a lot different from what they show here or are frozen in liquid nitrogen. Simply put: A laboratory like the one in the movie is a danger for everyone and the WHO would be ashamed to own such a lab!

For everyone who made it through the scientist's rant: The movie ands well and Brad Pitt survives. But still, a nice zombie move with certain flaws!


Ms Misantropia said...

Hah, I hate when they portray large organizations, procedures, science, computer-stuff and such completely wrong in movies.

Undergroundfortea Gothic said...

I absolutely loved that you critiqued this from a scientist's perspective!!!

MindLess said...

@ Ms Misantropia: Me too! Do you remeber "Hackers"? Great movie, funny and interesting plot, but computers and internet just don't work that way!

@ Undergroundfortea Gothic: Thanks! I actually am a scientist, so I can hardly avoid criticising it this way... ;)