Monday, June 10, 2013

Barcelona -part 1

After spending the last 2 weeks working in Barcelona, I thought I might give a quick insight in the non-work related stuff I did there. Anyone who doesn't like pictures or travel information should just skip this entry!

So, I stayed near Camp Nou (the new stadium for the soccer club FC Barcelona), but didn't visit the stadium because I'm not really interested in soccer. I even missed three games while I was there, including the Spanish finals. The quarter Sants-Badal is really nice but a little further from the city centre; for me it was a good choice as it was close to work. I had the weekend off, but needed most of Saturday for my PhD thesis, so I was in the city centre around late afternoon. The Spanish really have a different diurnal rhythm; they start working later but finish later as well. The shops are opened until 9pm or even 10pm, which is really convenient if you arrive home at 8pm.

  photo 20130601_124716_zps373c9e93.jpg

Anyway, on Saturday I visited the Eixamples (an Art Noveau quarter with many works of Gaudi, I started at the metro station Urquinaona) and loved it! It is very structured, so I got lost several times (as each block has the same size and houses were planned to look alike but not similar) but at the same time found a lot of small shops for clothes or DIY stuff. I even found two large fabric stores! I didn't buy any fabric though, as I didn't have space in my suitcase. But I saw some black-red-white ombre silk to die for...

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 photo 20130601_142149_zpsb66dfc35.jpg

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Later I walked down Las Ramblas which is the It mile of Barcelona. A lot of small vendors for flowers and souvenirs, but you could also sit down and eat while watching half of Barcelona stroll down to the sea. I also took a short departure through the market next to Las Ramblas: St. Josep.

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Next stop was near the ocean. Here the statue of Columbus was dressed in the tricot of FC Barcelona to celebrate their victory in the Spanish championship. The statue looks small here, but the index finger is about 0.5m long and you can walk around Columbus' feet! The statue is directly at the harbour where I sat down and ate some cherries. They have the most amazing fruits in Spain, I ate more fruits there than in half a year here in Germany!

 photo 20130601_170448_zpse4297b2c.jpg

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 photo 20130601_172130_zps79c5aba0.jpg

Later on, I walked a bit through the small streets of Raval, where I found a small festival and spend the rest of the night listening to live music and seeing dancers from all over the world - Bollywood, Chile, Spain (Flamenco)!

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Wollmaus said...

Niiice! I can see your joy in travelling...

MindLess said...

@ Wollmaus: Seems like South East Asia also made you pretty happy! Traveling opens your personal horizon, that's why i love it...

linnea-maria said...

Oh, I wish that I will have the opportunity to visit Barcelona some time. My company have a factory there and my colleagues visit it frequently.

MindLess said...

@ linnea-maria: Maybe you can ask to go there to visit the factory? Somehow as a learning experience? because Barcelona really is a beautiful city...

Nyau Nyau said...

this is so PITTORESQUE :) just sitting in my office I'm starting to become a little bit jealous :)

MindLess said...

@ Kelaino: Yes, it was kind of surreal how pretty the city is with the small roads, the beach and all the Art Noveau. I will return to visit the city without work! Maybe even this year?!

Nyau Nyau said...

I've never been there but my boyfriend and my brother were and both told me how beautiful it was. So I guess we're going to visit Barcelona within the next few years.