Friday, June 28, 2013

Week in Review - 26/2013

What did I see?
I saw the first half of the third season of "A Game of Thrones". Some good scenes, but now that I read the books I actually prefer these plots. Dammit! ^^

What did I listen to?
Basshunter - Boten Anna

What did I ask myself?
Why is bureaucracy making everything so complicated?

What did I read?
I finished A Feast for Crows and wondered all the time why some characters only made scarce appearances, but now that I started with A Dance with Dragons, I see that George RR Martin split the stories between the two books! Finally more news on Tyrion and Dany! Plus I received another book to read which I won in a giveaway: It is called  "Haunting Violet" (Alyxandra Harvey) and is about a girl in Victorian times which helps her Medium mum but soon discovers that she is more gifted and can really talk to the dead. I'm looking forward to reading the story once I finished the A Song of Fire and Ice series; thanks Gaiety Girl for sending me the book!

What did I work on?
Nothing. I didn't have much time thins week!

I was happy about...
PhD thesis handed in. I can't believe that this was 3 1/2 years of work...

I was annoyed about...
Having so little time and working so much. But it will get better (I hope)!

I bought...
A skirt and a dress, both second hand.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

First results of the 7 sins shooting

What can I say about my first ever photo shooting? I had a blast! The morning started with heavy rain and I never saw the unused building we intended as a location before, so I admit I was a bit afraid that we would a ll be soaked within minutes. I took of with *wollmaus* on time, we took a taxi since we had big robes and little time... But when we arrived, the rain ceased and the sun started to shine! Unless other girls, my robe was quite warm, so I wasn't freezing.

All the pictures I show today were taken and edited by Palandurwen, a fellow member of the Natron und Soda Forum and hobby photographer! We started with group pictures. I didn't have much to do, just sit around and play with the muffin I brought. All the others had to look like their sin, this just came natural to me! ;)

 photo 7-Todsuenden_zps49ddc783.jpg

Next, We started with single pictures. I got a lovely portrait (where I can hardly recognize myself, I look so lovely!):

 photo Voellerei2_web_zps057e7e9b.jpg

The next shoot was the hardest. Just imagine a very tasty cake in your hand, mere centimeters form your mouth, smelling delicious. And now don't bit but look at the camera! But since I could eat that cake a little later, I somehow made it:

 photo Voellerei1_web_zps3fb7a53f.jpg

I still get pictures from another photographer, so there will be more in future! Thanks girls, I had an amazing day with all of you!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Essen geniessen - Food fair in Essen

This weekend, there was a great food fair in Essen. For this fair, many high quality restaurants offer 5-7 courses for low prices on the streets in the city centre. There are even some star awarded chefs! The fair was well frequented, although the weather was cloudy and rainy.

 photo 20130622_114701_zps354620ae.jpg

I tried fish baked in parchment with vegetables and Cafe de Paris sauce:

 photo 20130623_163515_zpsa7ece63f.jpg

My boyfriend had a Hereford-beef inside out burger:

 photo 20130623_163519_zpsc866f8e0.jpg

My dessert was a Baileys & Toblerone mousse with raspberries:

 photo 20130623_165432_zpse16e9bbe.jpg

Everything was delicious and we will visit some of the restaurants we tried once we feel rich enough! ^^

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Sweet - Lemon poppy seed muffins with lemon curd

After GeistKatze's recommendation to try lemon poppy seed muffins because they are her favourite, I took a chance today and really like the result! I prepared some lemon curd as well, which is a kind of lemon pudding which is tangy and sweet at the same time and goes really well with the muffins:

 photo ST831660_zps0d24425a.jpg

Friday, June 21, 2013

Week in Review 25/2013

What did I see?
Actually, I watched a lot less TV since Barcelona. I prefer to read. I still sometimes have comfy TV evenings on the couch with the boyfriend, but they are getting more rare...

What did I listen to?
ASP - Demon love

What did I ask myself?
Why can an official website be so wrong?

What did I read?
I finished the third (A Storm of Swords) Fire and Ice novel, and now read the fourth (A Feast for Crows) one. Only one and a half books left before I need to wait for George RR Martin to finish the next...

What did I work on?
Some jewelry. And I saw a lot of cars, maybe that counts as well?

I was happy about...
New car! And I will hand in my PhD thesis on Monday since I have everything printed and all necessary forms and signatures!

I was annoyed about...
Having a lot of trouble to get the car official. But in the end it worked out...

I bought...
Most expensive thing I ever bought:

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dew drop jewelry

Sorry for being so slow with posting, but life got in the way of keeping my blog updated! Several things happened at once:
  • our car is nearly dieing
  • we are in the process of buying a new (to us) one, which takes a lot of time researching
  • I still need to hand in my PhD thesis, since I had to reprint it 
  • the print shop had printer problems, so I need to come back again -.-
I didn't have much time to do something for myself and it is too warm to work with fabrics anyway (at least in my eyes). So I made some jewelry again, this time very light and airy:

 photo ST831655_zpsfd2c9f7d.jpg

A pair of earrings with clear and silver pearls which catch the light wonderfully. And a matching bracelet:

 photo ST831658_zpsd0f41eeb.jpg

I hope you like it!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Zombie Saturday - Make your own zombie

Friday, June 14, 2013

Week in Review 24/2013

What did I see?
I finally saw Star Trek - Into Darkness and have to say: I'm not impressed. A nice action movie (although some action takes were too fast paced for me, I couldn't follow the action there) with a lot of colours and a nice evil rival. But the original second movie of the Star Trek Universe is so much better with the essentially same story.

What did I listen to?
The Theme to Game of Thrones.

What did I ask myself?
Will anyone notice if I cut back my hours? I don't think so!

What did I read?
After finding out that the German version of a Song of Fire and Ice is essentially BS (they split all the books in two and charge double), I send them back to Amazon and read the English ones. No I actually finished the first (A Game of Thrones) and second (A Clash of Kings) English novel and I'm midway in the third (A Storm of Swords) - please don't spoil the story for me yet!

What did I work on?
The PhD thesis is almost in print now. I'm so excited!

I was happy about...
Soon I'm gonna be a PhD! Unless I really mess up, but I don't think so... ^^

I was annoyed about...
Why did the doctor have to leave my arms green and blue?

I bought...
A serger (Gritzner Overlock 788). I'm in love!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Homework Assignment - Polkadots!

Another homework assignment from the Curious Professor Z! This time, it is all about Polkadots...
Don't forget, your homework assignment is due tomorrow -- this month's theme is POLKADOTS! From swing skirts to tablecloths and bubble tea, dots rule this month! Your task is to feature an outfit, accessories, art, photography, assorted silliness, etc. that contains polkadots. As always, use your imagination! Homework is due on June 13, but as usual I will take late homework
The Professor calls and I have the honour to participate! I sewed a dress for the occasion. Actually, the white polkadot jersey has been taunting me for quite some time now. I bought it some years ago with the plan to turn it into an easy-breezy summer dress. And now I finally came around to actually sewing it, because my new serger arrived just yesterday!

 photo ST831653_zps827df39c.jpg

This was the first piece of clothing I sewed with it and I'm in love!The dress has a wide neck which sits just on my shoulders. The skirt is simple a-line. Under the red belt there is a elastic sewn in to make the dress more form fitting. It also features little kimono/bat sleeves. I hope you like my homework!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Barcelona - Part 2

On Sunday, I did some major sightseeing by using one of those "Hop on- Hop off" bus tours. Actually, I went to Parc de Güell by foot, but my feet hurt so much from all the walking that I mostly sat through the tour... So, Parc de Güell. If you plan going there, I recommend to do this soon (as I heared rumors that they plan to take a fee soon) and come from the back (using the metro station Vallcarca instead of Jesseps) where you have a great view on the city and can eat a sandwich in peace with the locals! The park is a famous project of Gaudi and Güell, who planned a recreational block where one could live and thrive. Unfortunately, no one bought any houses, so now there are only 2 - one where Gaudi lived and a second house for Comte Güell! The market space was especially lovely, with mosaic benches. I only took pictures from underneath, as the place was crawling with tourists!

 photo 20130602_134500_zps043b7d2f.jpg

 photo 20130602_135739_zps52d2122b.jpg

 photo 20130602_140947_zpsf4672f50.jpg

 photo 20130602_140951_zps243627a2.jpg

While doing the tour I mostly forgot to take pictures - oops ! (But you can find a lot of Gaudi if you just google for Barcelona pictures). I only have some from Sagrada familia, a church that Gaudi started but never finished as he was overrun by a train. It is still under construction! I also took a picture of the old bull fighting arena which is still in use and houses a bull fighting museum. Since I don't want to give money to such causes, I just looked at the building from the outside! And a picture of one of Comte Güell's many houses.

 photo 20130601_121033_zpsf61ccb0c.jpg

 photo 20130601_123527_zps5db2e72e.jpg

 photo 20130601_163538_zps6704c4ee.jpg

Afterwards I went to the beach. I'm not a surfer girl, being pale and not a bikini model, but I love beaches and the sea. Unfortunately, almost all people in Barcelona seem to agree... I was told that in nearby villages, the beach is less crowded, but well...

 photo 20130602_174801_zpsa8120225.jpg

 photo 20130602_174715_zpsc9ee75dd.jpg

Near the beach and harbor, there was also a promenade with sellers and bars. I was quite surprised when I suddenly heard opera music, but I soon found a sand castle with a screen where one could watch a concert of the opera in Vienna while laying in beach chairs... I also saw a pirate ship in the harbor which looked pretty cool.

 photo 20130602_190523_zps9263cec4.jpg

 photo 20130602_200141_zps463a56c4.jpg

All in all, I can recommend doing the bus tour (26 Euro for a full day ticket), it was quite nice driving around and having an explanation for the stuff you see and the opportunity to just get off and visit stuff. Visiting stuff on the other hand is expensive, so I didn't visit many of Gaudi's famous buildings. I just looked at them from the outside and didn't miss much - I think! The Sagrada familia church was 16 Euros (here I recommend booking your ticket only, it spares you a 45-60 minute wait in the sun), the Gaudi buildings all around 10-15 Euros. So in the end, I guess visiting the beach (free!), mount Tibidabo (around 10-15 Euros) or the olympic mountain (with the bus or by foot, also free) gives you the same fun but for much less cost... So, I now conclude my travel diary with a hearty "I'll be back!".

Monday, June 10, 2013

Barcelona -part 1

After spending the last 2 weeks working in Barcelona, I thought I might give a quick insight in the non-work related stuff I did there. Anyone who doesn't like pictures or travel information should just skip this entry!

So, I stayed near Camp Nou (the new stadium for the soccer club FC Barcelona), but didn't visit the stadium because I'm not really interested in soccer. I even missed three games while I was there, including the Spanish finals. The quarter Sants-Badal is really nice but a little further from the city centre; for me it was a good choice as it was close to work. I had the weekend off, but needed most of Saturday for my PhD thesis, so I was in the city centre around late afternoon. The Spanish really have a different diurnal rhythm; they start working later but finish later as well. The shops are opened until 9pm or even 10pm, which is really convenient if you arrive home at 8pm.

  photo 20130601_124716_zps373c9e93.jpg

Anyway, on Saturday I visited the Eixamples (an Art Noveau quarter with many works of Gaudi, I started at the metro station Urquinaona) and loved it! It is very structured, so I got lost several times (as each block has the same size and houses were planned to look alike but not similar) but at the same time found a lot of small shops for clothes or DIY stuff. I even found two large fabric stores! I didn't buy any fabric though, as I didn't have space in my suitcase. But I saw some black-red-white ombre silk to die for...

 photo 20130601_142025_zps90aa733f.jpg

 photo 20130601_142149_zpsb66dfc35.jpg

 photo 20130601_144742_zps984195c1.jpg

 photo 20130601_145000_zpsea179428.jpg

Later I walked down Las Ramblas which is the It mile of Barcelona. A lot of small vendors for flowers and souvenirs, but you could also sit down and eat while watching half of Barcelona stroll down to the sea. I also took a short departure through the market next to Las Ramblas: St. Josep.

 photo 20130601_192401_zps245c8a6b.jpg

 photo 20130601_154957_zps1268690c.jpg

 photo 20130601_154026_zps946ce712.jpg

 photo 20130601_154414_zps4edea313.jpg

 photo 20130601_154419_zps30ae40cf.jpg

Next stop was near the ocean. Here the statue of Columbus was dressed in the tricot of FC Barcelona to celebrate their victory in the Spanish championship. The statue looks small here, but the index finger is about 0.5m long and you can walk around Columbus' feet! The statue is directly at the harbour where I sat down and ate some cherries. They have the most amazing fruits in Spain, I ate more fruits there than in half a year here in Germany!

 photo 20130601_170448_zpse4297b2c.jpg

 photo 20130601_171237_zps0ce6e270.jpg

 photo 20130601_172130_zps79c5aba0.jpg

Later on, I walked a bit through the small streets of Raval, where I found a small festival and spend the rest of the night listening to live music and seeing dancers from all over the world - Bollywood, Chile, Spain (Flamenco)!

 photo 20130601_151727_zps5edc3573.jpg

 photo 20130601_175307_zpsa2a260b2.jpg

 photo 20130601_191619_zps4009b22f.jpg