Friday, May 10, 2013

Week in Review 19/2013

What did I see?
I saw the new Iron Man 3 - which was good if you liked the first two movies- and Hotel Transylvania. Honestly, I had no idea how funny this movie was! You should watch it, if only for the poor Werewolf and his family!

What did I listen to?
Nightwish Wishmaster (the misheard lyrics edition). Because Neisella and I are both Tarja after a few drinks! ^^

What did I ask myself?
Why doesn't the frock work out the easy way? I hate re-doing button holes!

What did I read?
I didn't read anything besides work stuff and magazines while waiting. But I ordered several books which are calling my name!

What did I work on?
Madame Cherié, two shirts

I was happy about...
Handing in my PhD Thesis for the second correction... :D

I was annoyed about...
My procrastination. Why can't I work on something even if it is simple and doesn't take much time?!

I bought...
Nothing. Wow!


Shannon Rutherford said...

I watched Iron Man 3 too! It wasn't bad compared to the other Iron Man movies, but it kind of was compared to the Avengers, imho... XD nice film though all in all.

MindLess said...

Yes you are right, the Avengers are better. But Iron Man 3 is also nice!