Monday, April 8, 2013

Visiting the Neandertal museum

Recently, I visited an old friend. And this time, the old friend was really old. Like, extinct for 30,000 years old:

 photo 20130330_141327_zps610d074d.jpg

That's right, the nice man by my side is a replicate of how the Neandertal man might have looked. The museum centered around Neandertal life and culture is in the Neandertal (= Neander valley) and nearby to the cave where the first Neandertal man was found.

 photo 20130330_145015_zps952d435e.jpg

 photo 20130330_143231_zpsde045a64.jpg

The museum shows a lot of tools the Neandertals used, explains why they probably were able to speak and even has a small part which explains how the Neandertal DNA sequence was obtained. This was especially exciting for me as I had a side project which focused on comparison between modern human and Neandertal genes!

 photo 20130330_150015_zpsc39ea69d.jpg

Above you can see the development of tools for sewing and weaving. Interesting, how they mentioned spinning as an old fashioned technique, when I know several people who do it today! ^^

The exhibition was great and child friendly, so if you are around the Neandertal (near Düsseldorf), I can only recommend visiting the museum and the close by finding site!


Lesthis gothworld said...

That seems like a very interesting museum!

MindLess said...

@ Lesthi: It was! I totally underestimated the abilities and technologies. Did you know that they could speak? Or that they used combined tools from several materials? I surely didn't!

Lesthis gothworld said...

I wish it was possible to go back in time, I'm so interested in what happend in the past so it's not enough to read about it! I WANNA SEE IT xD