Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Burda Style 4/2013

You will see below that I was not able to choose enough good or bad patterns to fill all three places. This is because Burda now only shows 19 patterns in the monthly preview and doesn't show all line drawings any more. Of these 19 patterns, 3 were men's wear and there were several repeated patterns. I know that Burda wants me to buy their magazine. I can understand that they want me to go to the store and look at the magazine in person because it makes me more likely to buy it. Or -even better- buy and abo and have the sewing magazine delivered to my home.
But on the other hand, by reviewing the patterns, I actually advertise them for free. The Burda reviews on my blog generate a lot of visitors mainly over google. I think about not reviewing the magazine in future, because I don't get full access to all patterns.  I will lose some views for my blog, but honestly: If I only see 1/3 of all available patterns, it doesn't make much sense to review. Or what do you think?

 photo Folie1-3_zps442d9560.jpg

In this issue, I liked only two patterns of the ones I was able to see: A dress and a top pattern. The dress is really simple and reminds me of a lot of past Burda patterns, but the sweetheart neckline looks good on a lot of women. It suits full and small chests, so you should definitely try it! I also like the length, Burda tends to show off more leg and chest than normal people would wear during daytime. This doesn't seem to be the case for this dress.
The top I liked best in this issue is wrapped around the waist and has nice puffy sleeves. I think the pattern is adorable and I will sew something like that for summer!

 photo Folie2-3_zpse56c28c1.jpg

The worst two patterns from this issue are also a dress and a top. This was totally a coincedence!
The second worst pattern is a dress the emphasizes a belly and wide hips and makes the chest look saggy. I understand that the Bohemé look is trendy and that spring colours are suposed to be worn in spring but please, use your fabric for a more flattering pattern!
The worst pattern is again a vest-suit blazer hybrid. Why does Burda think leaving sleeves off of formal wear is a good idea? Have you ever seen a successful business women who wears something like this? Can you imagine one? If the blazer is to warm, take it off and wear the blouse underneath as is. Perfectly acceptable!

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