Friday, March 29, 2013

Week in Review 13/2013

What did I see?
We started watching "Dexter" and so far it was great. But we still have a long way to go, we are currently at the third episode of the first season!

What did I listen to?
 Metallica - Memory remains

What did I ask myself?
Am I really that horrible? Why does it hurt me so much?

What did I read?

What did I work on?
The mad circus jacket. I might finish it this weekend.

I was happy about...
Starting another WGT outfit.

I was annoyed about...
Planning too much for the weekends. I hate when the "time off" gets stressy!

I bought...
A corset and a shirt.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

WGT 2013 - Gothic Circus

While I'm hardly having any time to sew and my other outfit is nowhere finished, inspiration struck me like lightening. I planned this outfit quite some time ago on my head (several months ago when a friend told me she will come to WGT and wear stripes), but never thought I could do it in time. Well, I will try anyway! ^^

 photo Prsentation2.jpg

So this is my first sketch (please don't take my bad drawing skills into account) and the general direction is still the same:
  • stripey bloomer I already own 
  • A small cylinder and hairy horns (Tutorial from Neisella)
  • a vest corset - which will be in black not in red as marked in the sketch
  • a tailcoat - for which I already bought red velvet! 
You can see that the idea evolved a bit since my sketch. And today I started cutting the velvet - which is kind of scary since the fabric is so pretty and I don't want to ruin it... ;)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Burgers' Zoo in Arnheim, Netherlands

On Saturday we visited the Burgers' Zoo in Arnheim which is famous for it's Apes! My boyfriend and I traveled with a group of friends which didn't know each other before, but went along perfectly. It took about an hour from Essen to Arnheim, so although we crossed the border, it wasn't much of a trip! ^^

 photo IMG_0188_zpsf509ae47.jpg

 photo IMG_0203_zps2d1c7820.jpg

 photo IMG_0111_zpsef6c0946.jpg

 photo IMG_0062_zpsb8682d52.jpg

 photo IMG_0037_zps58809821.jpg

 photo IMG_0021_zpseb86a4f6.jpg

 photo IMG_0246_zpsef1eb1bb.jpg

 photo IMG_0138_zps73655841.jpg

 photo IMG_0101_zps0b76495e.jpg

 photo IMG_0095_zpsc6de2596.jpg

Friday, March 22, 2013

Week in Review 12/2013

What did I see?
All of the Harry Potter movies and another Bond movie (Licence to Kill).

What did I listen to?

What did I ask myself?
Should I stay or should I go now? If I stay it will be trouble, if I go it might be double...

What did I read?
I currently only use my Kindle and read some Estonian stories on it.

What did I work on?
A shrug and a jabot. But the next sewing get together is on Sunday! ^^

I was happy about...
I finished writing my Thesis and handed it to the people who will correct what I wrote. But most of the work is done! And the Burgers' Zoo was fantastic!

I was annoyed about...
I still didn't make it to the gym, but my eating is getting better. Part-time success!

I bought...
Another nail polish (maybe I'm addicted?) plus a top and a vest. But all clothes were used. I try not to buy new stuff although I will need some new undies in future. And I won't buy those used! ^^

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Jacquard shrug

The other small project I finished this weekend was a little shrug made from black Jacquard. The fabric was in my stash for several years, but now I finally started using it!

 photo ST831662_zps5049dbcf.jpg

 photo ST831663_zpscbdd23aa.jpg

 photo ST831665_zps7b37ef69.jpg

The pattern was a blazer pattern from Burda Easy fashion that I modified. I added puff to the sleeves, reduced the collar and fused pattern pieces. Maybe one could say that I only used the pattern as a guideline for the back and arm scythe...

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Professor's Monthly Homework Assignment - Spring!

 This month's homework assignment of The Professor Z is about spring:

 Your assignment is to feature an outfit, DIY project, decor, art piece, photo, gardening, etc. etc. that focuses on spring. Show us how your family celebrates Ostara, Easter or Passover. Show us your new sundress that you bought on sale last year but couldn't wear yet. Show us your garden plans or your blooming bulbs! As always, be imaginative and expressive.

As the weather here in Germany is currently rather bleak, I'm not really in a spring mood yet.

  photo 20130319_101854_zpscef8b01c.jpg

I don't have a garden - besides my few indoor plants- and I'm also not a fan of the traditional spring pastel colours. But I'd like to show you my spring manicure! :)

 photo 20130319_101828_zpsf87e1750.jpg

I used neon green nail polish and added a flaky polish on top. The colours are so vibrant and shimmery, it makes me happy to look at them! I'm almost in spring mood now... ^^

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Burda Style 4/2013

You will see below that I was not able to choose enough good or bad patterns to fill all three places. This is because Burda now only shows 19 patterns in the monthly preview and doesn't show all line drawings any more. Of these 19 patterns, 3 were men's wear and there were several repeated patterns. I know that Burda wants me to buy their magazine. I can understand that they want me to go to the store and look at the magazine in person because it makes me more likely to buy it. Or -even better- buy and abo and have the sewing magazine delivered to my home.
But on the other hand, by reviewing the patterns, I actually advertise them for free. The Burda reviews on my blog generate a lot of visitors mainly over google. I think about not reviewing the magazine in future, because I don't get full access to all patterns.  I will lose some views for my blog, but honestly: If I only see 1/3 of all available patterns, it doesn't make much sense to review. Or what do you think?

 photo Folie1-3_zps442d9560.jpg

In this issue, I liked only two patterns of the ones I was able to see: A dress and a top pattern. The dress is really simple and reminds me of a lot of past Burda patterns, but the sweetheart neckline looks good on a lot of women. It suits full and small chests, so you should definitely try it! I also like the length, Burda tends to show off more leg and chest than normal people would wear during daytime. This doesn't seem to be the case for this dress.
The top I liked best in this issue is wrapped around the waist and has nice puffy sleeves. I think the pattern is adorable and I will sew something like that for summer!

 photo Folie2-3_zpse56c28c1.jpg

The worst two patterns from this issue are also a dress and a top. This was totally a coincedence!
The second worst pattern is a dress the emphasizes a belly and wide hips and makes the chest look saggy. I understand that the Bohemé look is trendy and that spring colours are suposed to be worn in spring but please, use your fabric for a more flattering pattern!
The worst pattern is again a vest-suit blazer hybrid. Why does Burda think leaving sleeves off of formal wear is a good idea? Have you ever seen a successful business women who wears something like this? Can you imagine one? If the blazer is to warm, take it off and wear the blouse underneath as is. Perfectly acceptable!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Stripey Jabot

Between Zoo visits, role playing with my DSA group and the usual strut of work, sports and life, I hardly see my sewing machine at the moment. But on Sunday morning, I almost finished two small pieces. One of them is this stripey Jabot:

 photo ST831660_zps3de9d3ae.jpg

 photo ST831661_zps48b4ae36.jpg

I'll have to be honest and admit that it wasn't much work. It was even less work because I used a ruffle that I cut from an H&M dress, where it was formed to a nice flower which enlarged my chest even more...So I already had the ruffle and added this on a small piece of fabric, sewed that to a band an added a snap button. All in all, this took me maybe 30 minutes, but hey - if you have not much time, you better try to use this sensibly and not hang in front of the TV all day! ^^

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday sweet - Wookie cookies

I made two batches of Wookie Cookies for the visit in the Burgers' Zoo. For the boyfriend some with white chocolate and Macadamia Nuts and for me some with double chocolate. This time they were done to perfection: Crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside!

 photo ST831658_zps266ef176.jpg

 photo ST831656_zps5ff83f2c.jpg

Friday, March 15, 2013

Week in review 11/2013

What did I see?
Two Bond movies. And Bones and Criminal Minds. Didn't feel much like TV this week.

What did I listen to?
Wolfsheim and Rammstein. One for relaxing the other one for workout! ^^

What did I ask myself?
Why is it so hard to get into healthy habits? Why can't I stick with it and have to start over again and again?

What did I read?
I'm done with "Henry - Das Buch mit Biss" (Henry- the book with the bite) and read some pages of "The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters".

What did I work on?
Nope, nothing sewn. Sorry, but I had no time.

I was happy about...
Visiting Burgers' Zoo tomorrow - which is famous for it's apes and monkeys! And buying Vla in the Netherlands! Yay!

I was annoyed about...
I'm not happy about my eating behaviour. I switched from healthy stuff to mainly chocolate and it shows. But I'm trying to overcome my laziness and slip out of that pattern again...

I bought...
More fabric, taffeta for WGT.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spats, the more you know...

.. the more you want to sew them yourselves! ^^ I already mentioned yesterday that I had a pattern from the Internet and I thought you also might want to try your hand at spats. The pattern I used is from Minnie's Blog Thankyoufornotbeingperky.

The version below is done according to the pattern (btw, the pattern fits great for Doc's in size 39/40 which is the shoe below). For Meara's version I rounded the front and added 4cm to the height. This time I used real buttons (not snaps), but I think that the snap buttons are easier to work with. I lined the pattern with some taffeta lining I had at hand.

I also think about turning the pattern into knee-high spats. Maybe I should try to draft this in a way that you can use it, too?

 photo ST831650_zpsfca578d7.jpg

 photo ST831651_zpsc48845d3.jpg

 photo ST831652_zps10281b05.jpg
The lining might be silk, I have no clue. Bought it in a huge package with lining fabrics and the burn test smells organic...

 photo ST831653_zps89eb5b56.jpg
Don't you love the tiny buttonholes my machine does?! <3 u="">

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Birthday spats!

On Saturday I was invited to Meara's birthday party. So I had to think about a gift as well. I wanted to make something myself, as I love handmade gifts. Not everyone wants them, but a fellow sewist hopefully appreciates them! But I had to make up my mind what I'd like to give to her. At first I thought about some small bags, as Meara keeps her Make up in such bags. Or some accessoirs? But what? A neck ruffle? A necklace or earrings?

In the end - you might have guessed it from the title of the post- I decided to sew some spats. I had a pattern from the Internet and did a trial version first. I liked the result and went to work!

 photo 20130309_183704_zps7a81f539.jpg

All the used materials were from my stash. The fabric actually was in my stash for several years... The piping was already used in another project on this blog. But the snap buttons were new!

Monday, March 11, 2013

9,7m fabric skirt

If you ever think that sewing a tiered skirt is a good idea and much cheaper than buying one, let me tell you how wrong you are. I thought this might be an easy task, done in 2-3 evenings. And I would use a little part of the fabric that I bought which didn't have the right weight for the project I planned.

The skirt took up a part of the fabric, I was right about that. I only have a small 30cm strip leftover that will probably end up in the trash. It also took me 5 evenings plus 1 day. I even had to re-thread my serger about 5 times because it seems not very keen on ruffling. So much for a short rewarding project... Well, now I'm done and I quite like the result. Although in the end I was this close to just throw it out of the window!

It's a great basic skirt that can be worn over a crinoline or just as is. It gives a nice volume. If it wasn't so d*nm annoying to sew, I would make more in other colours. But not right now... Maybe when I'm bored. A lot! ;)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday sweet - Vanilla pudding

Today, I had self made vanilla pudding. Since I added real vanilla and no yellow food colour, the pudding looks grey-ish. But it is delicious!

 photo 20130216_180434_zpsb974cdab.jpg

Friday, March 8, 2013

Week in review 10/2013

What did I see?
"ParaNorman", which is story about a boy who can speak to the death and has to use his ability to save his hometown. Very cute and inspiring!

What did I listen to?

I wear your grand dad's clothes, I look incredible... *sing*

What did I ask myself?
Is there any PhD student out there who is not overworked and frustrated?

What did I read?
I didn't finish "Henry - Das Buch mit Biss" (Henry- the book with the bite), but I started with "The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters" by Gordon Dahlquist. I got this from Meara after admiring the cover in book shops for quite some time. The book looks gorgeous, but I#m not sure whether I really like yet another story about a Damsel in distress who gets into trouble by running after a man...

What did I work on?
I'm working on a skirt. I think I will finish it this week!

I was happy about...
Getting forward with my thesis. And finally seeing some sun!

I was annoyed about...
I'm still a bit sick, but not as much as last week. And I ate too many sweets, so I should start losing some weight for WGT!

I bought...
Some fabric (red polyester velvet).

Monday, March 4, 2013

Yet more jewelry - What happened?!

Due to my sickness (blargh, again!), I didn't do much this weekend. So posts will be a bit sparse this week, sorry for that! But I did have another jewelry making session on Sunday. I know, I know: Where is the girl that can't do fiddly stuff? Where is the girl who claimed that "jewelry making is not her thing"? It still isn't. I'm still struggling placing small rhinestones on stuff. But my friends help and the amount of jewelry making pieces we own together is overwhelming!

I made some earrings with the nail polish cameo method:

 photo ST831643_zps6edfc571.jpg

A brooch with a skull cameo and flower leafs from my friend:

 photo ST831644_zps80cd349c.jpg

A ring with a small cameo an rhinestones:

 photo ST831646_zps40c4be48.jpg

And a red glittery spider hair bow:

 photo ST831639_zps966c861a.jpg

Friday, March 1, 2013

Anyone who wants to knit for me?

I stumbled upon this on the Internet and I really need a knit DNA model. I'm not pregnant or anything, I just want the glorious thing for my selfish self! ^^

 photo knit-dnaright1_zps8ce91875.jpg

Tutorial link

Week in Review 9/2013

What did I see?
A new series which started in Germany last week, "Grimm". It's about the last relative of the original Grimm brothers (you know, the fairy tale guys?!) who starts seeing creepy stuff on people and has to save toe world from "the Evil". Really nice, although it makes me quite jumpy...

What did I listen to?
Nothing much. My boyfriend's snoring - he is sick like me!

What did I ask myself?
Why am I sick again? I was eating healthy, doing sports and bam- sicko time again!

What did I read?
I read "Henry - Das Buch mit Biss" (Henry- the book with the bite) by Holly Day. A nice parody on the Twilight books, but only available for the kindle...

What did I work on?
The pocket hoops and a petticoat. Once the fabric for the Manteu arrives, I will sew this!

I was happy about...
Spending time with my friends. Always cheers me up!

I was annoyed about...
My thesis progress. Still not as far as I wanted to be. And the damned disease that is taking over my body again!

I bought...
Yet another nail polish. But I skimped on clothes and other stuff!