Thursday, February 28, 2013

WGT 2013 - The petticoat

I showed you the pocket hoops yesterday and spoke about the petticoat. Which is already done, yay! ^^ I'm starting way early for WGT this year -from my perspective, others are probably done already. This is due to my Thesis which I have to hand in in the beginning of May. Which leaves about 2 weeks until the WGT. Which is also the reason why I will wear "old" clothes a lot. Well, this doesn't mean ugly, just not freshly sewn for this occasion!

Anyway, the skirt... I already showed you the sketch some while ago. The inspiration is the 7 sins, in my case Gluttony. The dress will be black-red-white in reference to this cake "Schwarzwälder Kirschkuchen" (Blackforrest cake):

The underskirt is red and made from fake raw silk - the fabric is great to work with, cheap (4,50 Euro per meter) and looks lovely, you can get it here. As for the pocket hoops, I used a historical pattern and sewing advice from the Marquise page. The only thing I added was a row of ruffles (2:1) on the front panel of the skirt.

 photo ST831628_zpscbaa582c.jpg
front view
 photo ST831629_zpsc738f5cf.jpg
Back with folds instead of ruffles
The skirt without pocket hoops already makes wide hips, as Neisella's boyfriend mentioned. But well, that's the look I'm going for! But if you add the pocket hoops:

 photo ST831635_zps7ebd02ad.jpg

 photo ST831636_zpsbc652b4d.jpg

Bang! Next step will be to work on the dress, where I will probably show you some work in progress pictures. The petticoat was done in one afternoon, I guess the dress will take a little longer! ;)


Insomniac's Attic said...

Oh, what a beautiful underskirt! And oh, what a beautiful Black Forest cake!! :D

MindLess said...

Yep, the lack Forrest cake looks delicious! And it is gothic coloured, what more could one ask for?! ;)