Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday sweet - Cheesecake brownies

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I made something similar years ago, but unfortunately the blog I linked to is gone. So I looked up another recipe and found this on (a German recipe site):

125 g chocolate (the bitter the better)
125 g butter
270 g sugar
  2 Tsp vanilla extract or vanilla sugar or vanilla
75 g flour
1 pinch salt
200 g creamcheese or Quark

Melt chocolate and butter together. Beat two eggs with 200g sugar. Mix 1Tsp vanilla with the eggs, chocolate-butter, flour and salt. Spread in a brownie form. Mix the creamcheese with the third egg, 70g sugar and 1Tsp Vanilla. Pour on the brownie mix.
Bake in the oven @220°C for ~25minutes until still sticky in the middle. Serve and enjoy!

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