Monday, February 4, 2013

Gothic flea market in Oberhausen

I know most of you are mainly interested if (or how) I finished my ball robe, but I still don't feel like sewing much so you will probably have to wait a little longer... This weekend was also not spend in front of my sewing machine but shopping with *wollmaus*, role playing with my group from Bochum and finally visiting a gothic flea market!

There are two independent gothic flea markets here in the Ruhr area: One in the PULP (Duisburg) which we visited several times already and which is taking an entrance fee but offers concerts and this second one in the Kulttempel (Oberhausen) which is free of charge. Both are indoors, so a perfect escape from the horrible weather outside! I can't tell you which one I like more, both have their charms...

 photo 20130203_171751_zpsfb515cf0.jpg

 photo 20130203_171745_zps2f71f832.jpg

Yesterday, there was music playing and I met some friends and acquaintances which is always nice. I didn't buy much, but there was a lot of choices. Even my boyfriend bought a shirt and cuff links, I think he actually spend more money than me! I bought some jewelry (including earrings that already fell apart - boo!) and seven of these nice fabric roses for another historical outfit!



Shannon Rutherford said...

A gothic flea market? This is like my dream. No more spending €70 on a blouse!

MindLess said...

@ Shannon Rutherford: Yeah, we have a quite strong gothic community here (which makes me really happy)! Also, the RUhr Area is quite populated; about 5 mio people live in an area with an diameter of about 150km. So I guess it has some good points to e here!