Monday, February 18, 2013

Cell phone loading hammock

To be honest with you, The taille of the crinoline outfit really killed my sewing mood for several days. The front made no problem, but the back is a totally different topic... *sigh* So while I was demotivate from what should have been worn nearly a month ago, I decided to do some small in between projects that will be easy and make me hate sewing a bit less.

Enter the cell phone hammock. I saw them on several blogs -for example the one from Natron- and since my cell phone is a smart phone which needs to be recharged every night (unlike my "stupid" normal phone which I charged about once a week), I thought that a device that keeps me from accidentally stepping on my cell phone and that keeps the cable mess at bay would be a good idea.

As you see, the pattern is fairly simple: Just cut some form (rectangle or circle), add a pocket for the cell phone, cut a hole for the charger and you are set. So this is what I did. I actually cut the same for my boyfriend, so we have cell phone hammock twins! ^^

 photo ST831596_zps9099c289.jpg

 photo ST831599_zpseda20d61.jpg


Trisha said...

Ohh, clever und sexy, das Teil :)

MindLess said...

@ Trisha: Jemand so ungeschicktes wie ich lebt halt in der ständigen Angst, irgendwann auf das ladende Handy zu treten... Und ich finde es echt ganz praktisch! ^^

Kla.Motte said...

Echt praktisch und schick, wollte ich mir auch schon nähen, aber irgendwie bin ich noch nicht dazu gekommen und hab es dann immer wieder vergessen

MindLess said...

@ Kla.Motte: Danke, es ist wirklich sehr einfach... Und lag bei mir auch fast ein Jahr auf dem "Ideenstapel", bevor ich es gemacht habe. Manche Sachen müssen erst reifen! ^^

Xanthy said...

Oh, I love this! I'll have to make one for myself one of these days!

MindLess said...

@ Xanthy: Oh, please show it on your blog, then!