Friday, February 15, 2013

Burda Style 3/2013

I can't believe that it is time for another issue of Burda Style already! Is it just me or is the time passing really quick in 2013?!
I have to say I'm not happy with Burda only presenting some of the patterns in the Internet on their home page. I'm considering quitting this reviews altogether if I can only judge some models but not all online. And I will not take pictures of Burda pages (which is BTW problematic because of the copy rights) to judge the patterns that don#t make it into the current issue pre-presentation!

 photo Folie1-3_zps20139944.jpg
The patterns I liked were pretty easy to find. The "historical" blouse on the left is a good idea, but technically is not historical but rather authentic seventies. Nevertheless it looks nice and sewn in black would compliment any goth's wardrobe! I like the little standing collar and the underlined lace so that this pattern is not revealing in the typical Burda manner.
The second best pattern is a bridal one. I like the dress because it offers sleeves and a wide skirt. Many brides (at least on TV, I don't see many brides around) wear strapless dresses which in my eyes is seldom flattering. This vintage inspired dress could also be sewn with a shorter skirt and in a less bridal fabric!
The winner is - no surprises here for regular readers- a jacket pattern. It looks a bit unspectacular in this small picture, but it contains a lot of stitching details that make it special! I like the biker flair but the unusual combination with an vertical instead of angled zipper.

 photo Folie2-3_zps10a2835d.jpg

On to the bad patterns in this issue. Third worst goes to the dress on the left, also from the bridal collection. Has anyone ever heard of a woman complaining that her under bust measurement is too small? Maybe to downplay her chest? I certainly haven't so I'm wondering who wants to wear such a dress that makes your chest look smaller while increasing your waistline. Any ideas?
The second worst pattern is only on this list because the pattern is a waistband with several rectangles. Do you really need a pattern for this? I don't think so. Even if you'll need one, you can find plenty free sources on the Internet...
Well, on to the worst pattern of the Burda Style issue 3/2013. Burda calls this a cape, I call it and abomination. I combines the ugly features of a parka (drawstring waist, bulkiness) with the uselessness of a cape that is drawn in at the waist. I have no idea how anyone is supposed to move his or hers arms in this! Maybe this is an undercover jacket for the Penguin from Batman?

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