Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Week in Review 4/2013

Sorry for the radio silence and not finishing my outfit in time. I got surprised by being sick which is also why I didn't make it to the ball. I'm soooo sad! -.-

What did I see?
Not much. Another new Bones episode and some comedy.

What did I listen to?
Nothing. Again. But this time because my ears are stuffed. Everything sounds funny...

What did I ask myself?

What did I read?
I admit it. I caved when *wollmaus* wanted to throw them out and took the twilight books home.

Well, now that I read them all, I have to admit: They were better than expected. I still hated every piece of "Edward perfect", the horrible insecurities both protagonists have, the controlling behaviour that worries me and seems so adorable to Bella... I also didn't like that Stephenie Meyer spent 1/3 of the books on how perfect Edward looks, but only few pages to finish the story arch in the end of each book. But, as I said, they are an okay read. Still, I will put them in Essen's open book shelf as soon as I recovered... ;)

What did I work on?
Sleeping and getting healthy again.

I was happy about...
Finally feeling good enough to read! Do you know how horrible TV is before noon?!

I was annoyed about...
Going through hundreds of handkerchiefs in mere hours!

I bought...
Some jewelry, but that was before I got sick. And some medication (including antibiotics)...

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Trisha said...

gute besserung aus meinem krankenlager an deins ^^