Friday, January 11, 2013

Week in Review 2/2013

What did I see?
The first Hobbit movie and some more Bond movies. Like d the Hobbit, but found it a bit inconsistent. Do Orcs fear daylight or not? Is Bilbo stylised as a hero or coward? I will see the other parts, but my expectations are low... And we took a peek at "Elementary", a not quite so good clone of the BBC series "Sherlock"!

What did I listen to?
The Alchemaster's Apprentice ("Der Schrecksenmeister") by Walter Moers, and I'm almost done. Otherwise some radio but nothing specific.

What did I ask myself? How can somebody that age and with his experience make so many rookie mistakes?!
What did I read? I'm done with Alan Bradley's "I'm half sick of shadows", it was good. Now I'm reading Trudi Canavan's "The traitor spy - rogue" (Sonea - die Heilerin). I'm looking forward to read more about the different kinds of magic the people from this book will learn!

What did I work on?
Jewelry. Please don't ask how that happened, I still hate small scale stuff!

I was happy about...
Cuddling with the boyfriend on the couch. 

I was annoyed about...
The workoad I get in addition to my normal one because of the above mentioned stuff!

I bought...
Some boots I fell in love with. And a nail polish (Mean&Green).

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