Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Thanks to Shannon Rutherford who tagged me with the "Very inspiring blogger" Award! I don't consider myself very inspirational, so I'm incredibly flattered...

The Award asks for 5 odd facts about me:
  1. I hardly get drunk and never get a hangover. And this is not because I don't consume alcohol. I just can take a lot!
  2. Although I like to sleep late, I'm a morning person. Which means I prefer to have my mornings later in the day (10am is early), but I never have a bad mood in the mornings. And since I also don't get hangover, my friends fear me after extensive parties. I am all smiles and sunshine and my friends all headaches and nausea...
  3. I love sewing with my sewing machine but I hat sewing by hand. If there are workarounds that allow for machine sewing, I'll do it. Even if it takes longer! ^^
  4. I read very fast. Like, all four Twilight novels in three days fast. And since I read a lot in English as well, I can now read English as fast as German. Impressive, how much impact training can have?!
  5. I give up easily. I'm all flames and sunshine when I start with something (projects, sewing, sports, whatever) but this novelty soon wears off and I'm rather hard to motivate after that. Which means I get projects done fast or never at all. Well, sometimes I can motivate myself again, but that is hard work!
Now I'm supposed to list 15 other bloggers who a) don't have the award already and b) who will pass it on. I will just list anyone I think will participate (or at least feel happy about it):

Neisella of http://neisella.blogspot.de/
Nachtkatze of http://schwarzromantik.blogspot.de/
*wollmaus* of http://paisleystern.bloggerweb.de/
Trisha (who is a bit quiet at the moment) of http://www.mistyillusions.org/marysew/
ette of http://www.blogz.ch/ette/


Wollmaus said...

Danke für den Award! <3

ette said...

Oh, danke dir. Mach mich gleich mal ans schreiben.
Was ist eigentlich aus dem Ballkleid geworden, hast du's geschafft?