Monday, January 7, 2013

Shirt week - Peek a boo shirt

Shirt week is a pun on shark week, where one week long movies of sharks were shown on Discovery Channel. Many other internet phenomena also made fun of shark week one way or the other, so decided to join. I will show a shirt a day for this week!

Unfortunately I can't give you any patterns, because I took the patterns off of well fitting shirts myself. Actually, I just lay a shirt with similar quality jersey on the fabric and draw/cut around that. Shirts are easy (only four pieces, booyaa!) and jersey is very forgiving!

On to the first shirt: I tried to use leftover fabrics wherever I can.  I manned up some years ago and started throwing away everything under 1 DinA4 leaf size except if I have a concrete plan in mind. This reduced my stash tremendously and got me rid of about one full bag of trash fabric. And now I'm up to hunt the slightly larger pieces... I actually cut the white fabric when I made my holey shirt, but never came around simply cutting some more black jersey and sewing it. But last week I finally made it:




Unfortunately, neither the peek a boo hole in front nor the hoodie in the back photograph well. Although the pictures were taken by my boyfriend with his wonderful new DSL camera. But you can see the pattern without the hood here.

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