Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Shirt week - Leftover Shirt

Second day of shirt week and I present you a shirt I made from leftover jersey that *wollmaus* gave me some months ago (wow, my turnover time sounds very lame, right?!). The jersey is rather thin and stretchy, but of great quality and a pleasure to work with. I also had some leftover stretchy lace from my Neisella Shirt which I kept because it feels so nice but it was about 1 DinA4 leaf of paper. Not enough for any full project! Now it is used up and I'm happy!



Maybe it was not the best idea to put this shirt on the dress form which still wear another grey shirt, because now you can't see that the lace insert in the front is see through while the back is doubled with jersey... Oops!


Wollmaus said...

Ist das das Stück von dem grauen Jerseykleid, das an mir so nach Nachthemd aussah?
Sieht super aus! Sag doch mal ein bis drei Worte zu deiner favorisierten Ausschnittverarbeitung...

MindLess said...

@*wollmaus* Ja, genau der Rest ist es! Ausschnitt mache ich bei Jerseyshirts enweder mit elastischem Schrägband so wie hier, oder mit falschem Schrägband wie bei den anderen Shirts. Soda hat das sehr schön hier erklärt: