Friday, January 11, 2013

Shirt week - Gothy lace shirt

Yet another shirt!


This time I used black jersey from a fabric market (I have no idea which, I bought a lot of black jersey on several) and a piece of stretchy lace I got from *wollmaus*. I actually exchanged lace with her because she had this black one and I had some grey she loved... I originally planned to use the lace on a dress, but now I decided to reduce my stash and use up what I have!

Are you bored with shirts? Because I really like them as they give me instant gratification. They are so easy to cut and sew!


linnea-maria said...

Im a bit curious about your shirts. Do you use an overlock machine? Is it the same pattern for all the shirts in the posts? They look all amazing :)

MindLess said...

Thanks for your interest! Yes, I do use and overlock machine (serger) since I own one. But you can sew shirts with a normal sewing machine, zigzag stitch and a jersey/stretch needle. In fact, I use my normal sewing machine for the hem with a twin stretch needle!

I used two different shirt patterns, one wit a boatneck which is a bit wider and a more fitting one with a round neck.