Friday, January 18, 2013

Making nail polish jewelry

In preparation of my ball outfit, I realised I needed matching jewelry as well. And although I always say that I can't do prickly stuff and that I hate working with such small pieces, I ordered some clear cabochons and matching metal frames. Why clear cabochons? Because someone in my sewing forum mentioned that they could be painted with nail polish in any colour you like /own!
See how amazing they look? I don't know why (probably physics ^^), but painting only the back makes the hole cabochon look as if it was made from the colour!

I found a nice tutorial on the Internet and thought I should just try it out. So I gathered my nail polishes, the metal frames, some cabochons (I started with the big red one in the middle because i have way more of them than I need), fast setting glue and got to work!


As you can see below, I made red, green and black earrings. The green ones are for the ball outfit!





linnea-maria said...

Oh! What a great idea!! And then you can have matching nails as well :D Wonderful!

MindLess said...

@ Linnea-maria: Yes, that's right! And since the colour is at the back of the "stone" it doesn't rub of as easily... I should have thought about doing this before, it's sooooo easy!