Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Halloween Quilt - final stitches

I'm really sorry I didn't take more pictures during the last steps, but I actually finished the quilt in 1 1/2 days over New Year's. I try to remember everything I did, but I was in a flow so I didn't interrupt my sewing for banalities like eating, drinking or taking pictures...

What I did was:
  1. I added an orange boarder around the zig zag piece in the middle, as the piece alone was too small for my likes. For this I used some orange waterproof fabric I was handed down from *wollmaus*. I just sewed strips of the desired size (6cm) plus seam allowance around the inner rectangle.
  2. Since the quilt was still a bit small-ish, I added another border in black. I think think this is as wide as the zig zags. I made life easier by not sewing pretty corners (mitred corners) but sewing the short sides first and adding the long strips then.
  3. I bought two fleece blankets from KIK, sewed them together and sewed the top of the quilt right side on right side to the fleece. Of course I left a turning hole!
  4. Then I added my label. Very important part!
  5. Photobucket
  6. And last but not least I quilted. Well, actually I sewed once around the orange square and straight lines between the zig zags. Nothing fancy...
  7. Photobucket
And here is the quilt in all it's glory:

A close up to show you some fabrics in detail:



Nachtkatze said...

sehr genial...ich muss ihn die ganze zeit anstarren *gg*

MindLess said...

Ja, hübsch und nützlich (weil warm)! Erst ist seit Ende letzten Jahres im Dauereinsatz auf dem Sofa...

graverobbergirl said...

I never thought of using fleece blankets as backing. Good idea. Cozy blanket!

I love that you included purple and green instead of just the usual black and orange for Halloween.

MindLess said...

@ graverobbergirl: Thanks for the compliment! The blanket is indeed very comfy, I'm actually snuggling in it right now! ^^

I personally do like purple and green much better than orange, but doing an halloween quilt I could hardly avoid it. And I think the mix of colours is good right now!

GothBarbie said...

Oh WOW! Your quilt is AWESOME! : ) I love the zig-zag! Maybe I'll try something like that one day - but for now basic blocks are enough of a challenge! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!