Monday, January 14, 2013

Couple's (G)love

While it just recently became cold here in Germany, I wanted to be prepared. While I usually have warm hands and feet, my boyfriend gets cold rather easily. In winter this means that we can hold hands with gloves (which feels strange) or inside his pockets which forces me to bend my arm in strange ways. M pockets are to small, so this is not an option. And yes, we like to hold hands in public, even if we are older than 15 and have been together quite some time!

During the last two years I stumbled upon couple gloves in the Internet. I always thought I liked the idea, but I was not willing to spend so much money on them. How comes that I never came up with the idea of making them myself is beyond me! But some weeks ago a member of my sewing forum posted her selfmade couple's glove in her blog and gave a baseline tutorial how to make them (in German).  But actually it's not that hard:
  • draw a tear shape which covers your hand (or the hand of your partner if he has huge hands like mine)
  • ad a straight rectangle on the widest part of the tear
  • cut the shape twice from doubled fabric so you get a heart with chimneys (see below)
  • cut four more chimney shapes
  • sew together the two hearts and two time two of the chimneys
  • Sew the chimney tubes onto the heart chimneys
  • fold the chimneys in and stitch ones around the top
  • ... and you are done!


See? It's very easy and a cute gift idea as well. You can add some decoration as shown in the tutorial, but i was too lazy for that...


linnea-maria said...

Aww What a cute idea!! It would be a perfect gift to a newly engaged couple :)

MindLess said...

That's a great idea!

Insomniac's Attic said...

I've never seen couples gloves before - it is an awesome idea! :o)