Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Burda Style 2/2013

While the last issue of Burda was actually not that bad, the second issue of the year 2013 again is very... boring? I had troubles picking best and worst patterns. I also thought that there were not many patterns in this issue, or is it only me? Edit: When visiting Wollmaus and going through her issue, I found that Burda does not offer all patterns in the Preview! How can I adequately judge if I should buy this issue when they don't include all patterns? I'm very unhappy about his... And another point that annoys me a bit: We are only in the third week of the year and the magazine comes out monthly. How can this be issue 2/2013? And if I speak about the January issue, does his mean 1/2013 (first issue) or 2/2013 (which comes out in January)?


As I said, I was not wowed with this issue. As last time I had to pick a pattern from the Plus size which I like to avoid. Not only are the sizes to large for me so I have a bad feeling about judging them for fit, but to be fair I should also include kids- and men's wear if I don't stick to my own sizes, don't you think? Well, nevertheless: The third best pattern in my eyes is the top on the left from the Plus size bridal collection. I think this is rather flattering for fuller arms and I like lace at the moment.
Second best pattern is again a rather plain top, this time with long sleeves and black binding. I like the bow and think everyone should have a pattern for a plain shirt/top at home. On the other hand, most seamstresses probably already do, so this pattern is somewhat superfluous.
The pattern I liked best is  also not really exciting me. I know that the pattern of the fabric hides the ruffle a bit. I don't remember who, but someone from the sewing forum once mentioned that these kind of ruffles usually looks "puked onto the dress" because it doesn't really connect with the overall design. I agree, but with a busy fabric like this, the whole design looks more connected. And you can leave the ruffle anyway, in case you don't like it!


As I already said in the best patterns section, I was feeling very meh about this issue. The patterns in the worst section are actually here because I think that they fit few body types or the designers used a spectacularly ugly fabric...
Third worst pattern goes to a handkerchief dress that came directly from the seventies. The pattern only looks good without a bra and small hips, so beware if you have a slightly fuller figure. A small belly might make you appear pregnant in this kind of dress!
Second worst is yet another take of Burda on Chinos. And not their best, if I might mention. The pattern closes at the side (which I find strange) and the fabric looks horrible.
The dress in the middle is a 60s reincarnation. As it was trendy at that time, these dresses look great if you are really skinny and have great legs. Otherwise you look like a stuffed sausage with big hips if you dare to put something in your pockets. Plus the fabric they used is a b**ch to work with!

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