Thursday, December 6, 2012

Halloween quilt - Piecing the design together

After cutting all the squares, I layed out the squares to check in which order they should appear on the quilt. During my quilting research I found that you have to keep an eye on intensity (dark vs bright colours) and even spacing (not put like colours close together). I decided to go with a purple - orange - green scheme, ending again with purple:


Why ending with purple again?Well, although I cut all the fabrics except three (the ones with dots and stripes that do not fit into the rest of the fabrics), I found out during theis test placing that including all the different patterns would make the quilt very long, but - since I only had fat quarters - not wide enough to be in proportion. Now I'm going to add two pillows to not waste the fabric strips. Bummer!

Anyway, after deciding on the order of fabrics, I started sewing. If you look the the layout (in the truest sence of this word! ^^) above, I started at one of the corners and sewed to the other one, always a foot width from the corner:


Now I again had long strips of squares and added them to each other. I always finished the last square of each side with a triangle (a square cut from my black fabric and cut in halve):


Looks pretty good, am I right? But now you might already see one of the problems I faced...


Trisha said...

boah klasse. das zick zack muster kommt mit den Farben total gut. I like ^^

MindLess said...

@ Trisha: Danke! Ich mag die Kombi aus den schrillen Farben und schwarz auch sehr gerne...