Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Halloween quilt - cutting and prepping

After re-designing the quilt I had originally planned more square to the zig zag design, I read some stuff about cutting efficiently. I didn't want to waste fabric and had only a limited amount available... There seemed to be two options how to sew zig zag quilts:
  1. Making strips which you sew together, cut into squares and sew together in a zig zag pattern.
  2. Cutting triangles which you piece together to form the zig zag pattern.
The first method is a bit more fabric consuming, but is better for patterned fabrics. You have more seams interrupting the fabric pattern in the second method. Since I really like the fabrics I ordered and wanted to show them off, I cut 11cm wide strips of fabric. As a contrasting fabric between the patterned zig zags I decided to use black (Now who is surprised? ^^):


As the fat quarters were not really useful for this method (next time I would plan better before hands and buy a jelly roll which is precut into strips), I had to piece the strips together. Because of the busy patterns you hardly notice. At least I don't, and I have to like this quilt!

The things I hate most about sewing are (order is random, depends on what I am currently doing of the three):
  • cutting patterns and fabric
  • ironing
  • hand sewing
Unfortunately, quilting involves all of them! Cutting long, boring strips of fabric was okay, but I have in the past payed my Boyfriend in Schnitzel to iron for me. This time he refused, so I ironed quite a bit. I started with sewing the long patterned strips to black strips which thank the gods were long enough:


Then I pressed the seems between the fat quarters open to add less bulk to the blanket.


I also pressed the seams between patterned strips and black strips to the black side (and forgot to take a picture of that. Go figure...). The next step was to cut squares from the two connected strips of fabric:



Shannon Rutherford said...

Aw, these fabrics are so pretty and Halloweeny *_*!

MindLess said...

@ Shannon Rutherford: Yes, I'm still in love with the fabric patterns. Even after the one year contemplation phase... ^^