Monday, December 17, 2012

Burda Style 1/2013

Burda starts with a rather meh issue into the next year. I had a hard time choosing good as well as bad outfits. All together I was neither happy nor sad, it was just... boring?


Third best is a dress. You can hardly go wrong with a little chiffon dress, but the fabric is a b**ch to cut and sew. I like the plain top and the fluffy bottom, but I would not sew this.
Second best was a comfy looking jersey dress. I like the fabric pattern - punky pink leopard? Yes!- and the dress looks perfect for hanging around at home. But since it has hardly any darts, I doubt that it fits many body types.
The vest in the middle is the only pattern I really liked from this issue. The slight asymmetry, the punky influences and waistline definition - Great pattern!


All together the worst patterns are without any waist definition. Mostly without any definition at all. The third worst pattern is a plain jacket. I don't like the missing collar, although the fabric is somehow interesting. I also like the top stitching.
The second worst pattern is a jacket with some strange chiffon under jacket that I can hardly describe. It looks as if it was two jackets in one! This will look flattering on flat chested women with small hips and might hide a tummy, but will hide any waist. So be careful if this pattern is for you!
The worst pattern is a coat with a huge hanging collar. Again, no waistline forming, no darts to shape the bust... This will only look flattering on very small girls, in a mary-kate and ashley way...

If this is your goal, you just found the perfect pattern!

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